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You just said that stuff got fixed.

Fair point.

Past tense invalidates the argument. It got fixed. Console had the same issues and they didnt magically fix it instantly.

There are like 500 reasons for this. Not exclusively the game. Also, pretty sure most of these are fixed. And with your internet, I’m surprised you can connect at all.

What are your processor and ram like? GPU isnt the only important thing. Some fights also tank PS4. Not quite destroyed, but it does struggle a good bit.

Yeah, this is fuckin rough. Even on console not being able to move the joystick can get annoying. But it’s the first console title for Monster Hunter, they’re allowed one or two shitty systems.

Takes time, friendo. They build it on the PS4 engine, so it can be popped right on there. They have to completely redo it for PC.

Lmao no thanks. I’d rather avoid a company like the ones who did Arkham touching MHW porting.

Plus there’s the licensing and payment of that company. It would be more trouble than necessary.

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Took aaaaages and shouldn’t have been an issue in the first place. I also said one bit of it got fixed. I thankfully no longer have special attack and interact/speak/harvest on the same key. Still waiting to separate dragon piercer and coatings.

Bullshit it does. If I’m waiting an extra 7 months for a game to release on my platform I expect that problems that were noticed on the other platforms to get fixed some time in that 7 months.

This was when I was on my good internet and again consoles suffered from these exact issues. If they want to delay 7 months then I don’t expect to suffer the exact same problems that they solved for consoles.

i5 4690k, 24 gb ram

Yeah, this is fuckin rough. Even on console not being able to move the joystick can get annoying. But it’s the first console title for Monster Hunter, they’re allowed one or two shitty systems.

Sure if it was the one issue but I pointed out multiple. This is just the icing on the cake.

They build it on the PS4 engine, so it can be popped right on there. They have to completely redo it for PC.

Consoles are basically pre-built pcs now. There is not that large of a gap it’s not like the PS3 with it’s cell architecture.

I’d rather avoid the growing pains and not have to wait for the third game to have an almost acceptable PC port. Looking at you From Soft who still hasn’t managed to get M+KB controls right.

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Yes, you did point out several. Almost all of which were fixed now.


You’re half right. There’s not a big hardware difference, but the software and how the console handles the game are vastly different than a PC.

If it means anything, I’m probably migrating to PC soon as well.

There’s a lot of games with shitty m+kb controls.

Buuuuut the silver lining is that PC has the ability to use controllers. It shouldn’t be necessary, I know, but it is an option nonetheless.

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After months of complaining they finally fixed things that should have been obvious to absolutely any of their QA people that have experience on PC. Colour me not impressed.

Nowhere close to what it used to be though.

Consoles have the ability to use M+KB but that doesn’t mean an FPS should release with no controller support on Xbox.



It takes tiiiiiiime.

But still a huge difference. Always will be, until consoles become modular. But that’s gonna bring up a whole new crop of problems for another discussion entirely.

Some games can use m+kb. It’s not built into all of them. Certainly not intentional support for that kind of use. In fact, lots of devs outright say they dont like m+kb on consoles.

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That’s what the seven months were foooooooooooooooooooor.

Um like 90% certain there are multiple devs who have said they’d love to be able to ban/separate people for using kb+m but they can’t. Pretty sure it’s come up in console R6S, Fortnite and PubG

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I don’t think the 7 months were enough. It still looked rushed as hell.

And Overwatch, as well. Xbox does sell a universal kb compatibility program in the Store. Lots of people are salty as hell about it. Lots of devs dont intentionally put it in, though.

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I think more than a few of the problems were because they didn’t put in enough effort into making a good PC port.

If they hadn’t had crappy mouse support, lock on, key bindings I would be a lot more inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt. But why would I believe them when they say that they want to do it right when they can’t even get the mouse right?

Sure they don’t intentionally put it in but it’s still in there and not having M+KB support for PC makes about as much sense as no controller support for console.



Went and murdered AT Kulve. Honestly I really just needed the guild points and was hoping for her to give her armor as a layered armor set but she doesn’t. Once again for me there is no use hunting her other than the nice amount of points you can get per siege.



Well, I got the new Crit Element Water Bow. So It’s not all bad.



Gotta say the new weapons actually seem to have a fairly generous drop-rate. I’ve had 6 or so of them over 2 fully successful repels. 2 of which have been bows which means I’ve now got at least 2 Crit Element builds with a whole lot more flexibility to them than I would have with just the 2 pieces of Rathalos gear.



Arch-Tempered Great Jagras

That’s all I have to say



Yeaaaaah. Gotta say I respect the fact that they have a good enough sense of humour to make the meme a reality. Hell, even if the AT Great Jagras itself just ends up being a case of all-his-attacks-oneshot-you-with-no-new-additions-or-changes-otherwise (Which is what I’m expecting it to be) the fact that they’re even doing this will always amuse me.



Gotta say, The Greatest Jagras left me pleasantly surprised. There are just enough changes there to mix the fight up and a combination of that and a fair bit of rust got me carted once. It’s not a particularly hard fight, but I personally feel it has the best changes of all the “new” variations so far.

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For the hunters who don’t know the Witcher crossover is out now and it’s AMAZING. Not only did we get a new monster but we got a almost fully voiced quest as well as some other new things.



I finally beat arch tempered xeno!

Now I must wait for my oldest rival to come back to world.
The one that I first met in freedom 2 and was never able to slay.

The one that will (hopefully) make its grand return in the iceborn expansion.

Im coming for you… tigrex.



Tigerex is easy. Annoying but easy. Though I can tell how annoying he’d be in the older games that weren’t very polished.

With the return of Narga I can definitely see Tigerex coming back since they use the same skeleton after all.



Tigrex gives me PTSD and was harder then the hardest monsters in world combined.



That’s not saying much since I only really consider one monster hard and it’s Behemoth which is a colab monster

Anyways in the later games where game play is more smooth he’s more of an annoyance than anything.