Monster Hunter World - General Discussion


Yeah. New locations, a new town, a new rank, more monsters, new moves for older monsters, maybe even some new subspecies. That is usually what counts as a G-Rank expansion and it makes me excited.


Pretty bullshit PC might have to wait… really feeling the second class citizenship


Would you rather they rush it and give you a shitty port of poorly optimized mess? I would think not.


I’d rather they rush it and fix it rather than delay for 7 months and still have to fix it.

Or they could yknow grow the fuck up and release a non-shit port but I guess that’s a lot to ask in this day and age


They are doing their best. The team hasn’t done anything PC related and they don’t want to have another team handle it for fear of getting it wrong. They’ve only ever worked on consoles. Games like Monster Hunter Frontier and other PC monster hunter games aren’t handled by the team.


Yeah well there best is pretty damn disappointing after waiting months…

It’s like if consoles waited 6 months for a game that didnt utilize one of the analog sticks for movement


To add, a lot of games that were ported from PC had to wait longer than PC for updates. For example Warframe on consoles just got fortuna PC got it a little less than a month earlier. It’s unfair to assume that you’d immediately get content ported over right after it releases when the main system that the game comes from is a different platform.


They said PC would have an accelerated release schedule to catch up to console… I guess it’s unfair of us to expect them to keep their word


They meant the free content. It’s gonna take awhile to port something this big.


It’s unfair to expect them to release a brand new, potentially gigantic expansion at the same time. Being that it has to be completely optimized for the PC, while being developed on the PS4 engine. That takes a bit of work, you know.


Very convenient lol. Hey PC players don’t worry we’ll have an accelerated schedule so you won’t be constantly playing catch up to the consoles except for any expansions or anything big cause yknow we’re a small indie studio

Not really. Plenty of games release expansions at the same time. It’s unfair to expect PC players to wait every time they release anything.


Alternatively, they’re testing it out on a platform they know very well, while they’re porting it to console so they can work on squashing your bugs or making changes based on how console receives the update.

Ya know. The smart way to do it. Carefully, so they dont just completely break the PC build.


I mean consoles don’t exactly get fast updates because of certification. Woo they’ll only require 2 (hopefully) revisions before they’ll have a somewhat bug free version to port so that’ll be 3 months or something maybe.

Carefully, so they dont just completely break the PC build.

Sure I’d buy that except for the state that PC released in.


Compare that to now, after they decided to take time with updates instead of rushing them out.


I’d also like to point out that there is no reason why the PC couldn’t catch up to console in the wait for Iceborne. They’re pumping the updates for the platform out a fair bit faster than they were with consoles.


Assuming it wasn’t just laziness or incompetence.

Ah they’re PC they’ll be grateful no matter what we do just give em the console version.


I kind of assumed they were gonna do that anyway.

I’m pretty sure that the build being fixed, optimized, and vastly improved is the exact opposite of laziness or incompetence.


I’m pretty sure that mouse emulating analog sticks is the definition of lazy port or how bout the fact that I have dozens of available keys but I still had to wait for them to separate out certain actions that had no business being grouped together.


Eh, if that’s the only complaint I’d let it go. Considering all the other AAA ports that have been almost unplayable (glaring at the Arkham series), that’s not exactly a huge deal. It still works, even if it’s a bit slow or frustrating.

I’m not gonna say it isnt lazy not to change it, but compared to the myriad of improvements they have made basically everywhere else, that’s nothing. Plus they are actually pumping out stuff for PC faster than it came out on console. Much shorter timetables.


Keybindings why did it take months to separate out harvest/interact/speak from my special attack also apply coatings is linked to dragon piercer which is a double button press move. I’ve got more keys guys…


Graphics bugs aka textures were broken for awhile.

Network errors even though consoles already suffered through that

Particle effects destroying my frames even on low settings with a 1080 not being able to play with people using lightning weapons cause again destroyed frame rate.

We weren’t able to disable motion blur or depth of field.

The god-awful lock-on system like holy shit. Who thought it would be a good idea for mouse movement to change where you’re locked on…

Plus they are actually pumping out stuff for PC faster than it came out on console.

That’s because they already made it for console. It should be faster for PC there’d be no reason to have it come out at the same rate. If they couldn’t even port stuff over at a faster rate than they created stuff then they have no business doing the porting just hand it off to some other company.