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You know that by the end of the PS3’s lifecycle that PSN wasn’t all that bad right?


Hunting Horn isn’t too hard so far. I’m just using attack and defense buffs, nothing fancy. Not too slow until you “perform”. That takes a whole century.


Was it not? I kept hearing horror stories about it from friends who own PS4’s and PS3’s


Oh don’t get me wrong, for the first few years PSN sucked. But towards the end of the PS3’s lifecycle/beginning of the PS4’s launch it had improved a lot.


Can confirm. I played around online with PS3 and it was a lot less atrocious as it started cycling down.

I haven’t had PSN on 4 since like a year after the console came out, but it was actually not bad. Can’t speak much for the present myself, but I almost never see people complaining about it anymore. No more than Xbox, anyways.


I don’t really remember problems with online when I played RDR way back when but I think that was the only game I ever played online


That picture should have been the promotional material for the autumn fest, it fits the halloween theme they were going for because it’s absolutely horrifying.


I really need to get back in for the autumn festival. I really need those armor spheres but I’ve been to lazy to go for them…


After reading Bazel’s species i can now confirm mhw wikia is the best place for info.


Welp, AT Luna is about as disappointing as expected. Literally the only threatening move she has is her Supernova which got a massive damage boost per-tick and also gets used way more frequently. I’m not even angry about these AT monsters, I’m just disappointed that a team as talented as the MonHun team has fallen to giving us little more than stat-buffed regurgitations of existing monsters to pad out content.

Welp, at the suggestion of another player I went ahead and made another 2 pieces of Kushala Gamma armour and holy crap, once the wind pressure to AT Luna’s Supernova is gone she’s a joke.


Dat feeling when you dodge juuuuuust right


Ka ka ka ka kachi daze!


Ultra instinct?


Yup. Kind of the joke whenever people get good dodges. xP