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This. I have gotten hit so many times in the air actually dodging over him while he would be doing a hip check. No joke. I’m clearly right above him and I use my midair dash to move over him if he’s doing a hipcheck but I’ll still get hit by it. He’s the only monster I can’t dodge most of the moves in air because of his terrible hit box.

~Open the floor get on the door, everybody walk the dinosaur~ -Max that one time he played with Nasha while he was extremely exhausted.


I still laugh about that, btw. Was an amusing night.


I definitely should have just went to sleep lol. I had been all over the place that day but I’m pretty sure we already had it planned out so I didn’t want to say no cause I’d feel bad. Weren’t we fighting Plessi when I said that?


I can’t remember, we might have been. It was a fair while ago at this point.


Honestly need to plan another day because I haven’t had much to do so I’m free the entire weekend if you wanna go farm some more Drilltusk and then beat bubbles and popodrome to get to the next HR


Holy shit I finally got the downy crake


They’re pretty fun. Lots of sleep all the time. 3-4 times per monster. Haven’t tested on Elders yet cause I am not good enough to use anything other than a shield against them.


I meant I finally got the stupid birds. Didn’t make the dual blades or anything.


I knew they were a thing, but I’ve never seen them. Even with the shamos goggle things, they never show up. Figured it was a future update thing.


Naw they randomly spawn on the big wildlife like the aptonoth and apoceros or whatever the fuck they’re called. I got it with this technique on my first try. Might not actually be guaranteed but it worked for me and I had tried traveling back and forth dozens of times.


And I’ve finally gotten myself all of the Vaal Hazak Tickets I needed to make everything he gives you, I can finally put that slog to bed. Gawd, he got buffed in all the wrong ways.


Today, I’m gonna learn how to use Hunting Horn.


Well, as long as you’re not a cornerhorner you’re fine. xP


I play solo. I don’t have a choice lmao.


Ah, I see. XD
Is that because you don’t like randoms or you don’t want to pay to play online?


Pay to play is the worst system invented. I already paid for the console and games. Smh.


Typically, I agree, but at least you do get a bunch of free games that pay for for the subscription within the span of a single month.


Meh. I don’t care for stuff that I didn’t ask for. Even if there’s 50 free games, chances are I’m not gonna play a single one. So all I would pay for is the ability to play online.


Yeah, once again I agree. Part of me blames the people that purchased a 360 and didn’t question MS’s online subscription practice when literally ALL of the other competition was free at the time.


At least MS has a better online even when Ps+ was free it was shitty but the only redeeming factor was that it was free. Now that it’s a paid service there’s not really any redeeming factors.