Monster Hunter World - General Discussion


So, Sony finally folded on cross-play functionally for Fortnite. Let’s hope Capcom picks up on this and gets cross-play sorted for MHW.


That would be the shit.


Since it’s co-op might even get PC crossplay crosses fingers


I’m personally hoping we can get cross play for both PC and PS4 since there is no PvP mode in MH which means no one is at an advantage due to their system.


Would definitely pay for PS+ to play with friends on PC.

Which is to say: to get my more advanced PC friends to carry my ass through Arch Tempered monsters and get me free shiny things.


Yeah I’m excited to carry @Nasha842 again if we do get cross play :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I know multiple people won’t get it. It’s been an inside joke between me and Nasha ever since I started carrying him in Gen because he never played it as often as I did. Then I lost my data and he started carrying me…


Fuck man tempereds kick my ass enough I don’t want to imagine what AT elders are gonna be like.


Minimal mechanical changes (barring AT Vaal) and just massive stat gains. Pretty disappointing, really.


If that includes attack then that means I would have to play super defensively or perfectly to avoid one shots.


With the exception of one or two attacks getting Lv. 3 Health Boost typically helps prevent an OSK, so it’s worthwhile trying to find room for it.


Is that with the inherent damage reduction on melee weapons?


And this is why I play Lance/Gunlance.


Well, when running bow I find myself getting OSK’d a whole lot less without touching my elemental resistances and my defence has barely changed since I first made my utility set.


Same but I also haven’t gone up against any arch tempereds so that’s why I was asking. Tempered pickle can take off like 70% of my health with one hit if I don’t go for max health but after fighting him like 40 times I just go for 1 health boost so I can slot in my 4th attk boost and use deviljho bow.


The thing that makes Jho difficult are his iffy hitboxes, some of them are outright BS. AT Elders have tighter hitboxes and are mostly the same as their Tempered counterparts. The biggest changes are with AT Vaal, and even then the fight doesn’t change too much. Though, I would suggest getting a set made specifically for AT Vaal together when he does hit the PC, his free damage mist got an utterly BS damage buff that will destroy you if you’re not ready for it.


There’s only like 3 hits of his that I get caught by. His tail when he hip checks, the breath if I don’t immediately start dodging backwards when I’m too far to dodge in or there isn’t enough room behind me (which is positioning) and when he’s got that dragon element around his mouth and does the basic bite attack I’ll get hit by the cloud after dodging the bite.


Yeah, I can typically avoid his moves about 90% of the time, myself. His hitboxes aren’t as bad as some in the earlier games are but they’re still BS.


In multiplayer hunts I’ll get hit like 2-3 times total. Solo it’s a bit different but I’ll use ~6 megas, 3-4 normals and a max pot so like 8 hits?

I’ve really started to get the knack of dodging his head sweeps. It’s such a cool feeling when you’re like back dash, back dash, back dash forward dash and then line up a DP


Oddly enough, dodging Jho’s “walk the dinosaur dance” move is typically best done by dodge towards him.


I like to get in some extra hits when he’s doing his headsweeps towards me.