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I’ll take the uragaan set. Block even unblockable attacks and have high fire/blast resist.


You also have jyratados using plessi’s hip check that’s able to now bypass guards.


So I found the menu option to hide headgear. I am torn. I wanna see my beautiful wiggler head, but I don’t wanna see some of the less glorious helms, like Azure Star Lord or Rathalos.

I am also far too lazy to change this option every time I wanna go on a serious hunt.


Okay, appearance-wise, the Lunastra Gamma set actually looks alright… sighs I really don’t want to fight AT Lunastra. ¬_¬


I loooove HH users. Just did a tempered pickle fight and him reupping the reduced stam usage made me so happy.

Also I managed to go an entire fight without the pickle hitting me with his head sweeps.

I feel bad for a poor gunner. I accidentally woke one up cause it was just the two of us and I hit an arc shot by accident then the next three times he tried to sleep the other gunner that showed up was using the sticky shots


Fucks sakes some greatsword user used up all 3 of our carts on tempered jho… like if you cart twice and we only have 1 cart left just sit in camp


Don’t do that. You need all players to work together otherwise it’s not multiplayer. It seems the GS user was unprepared however which shouldn’t have happened because now you can just get the items you need in the tent.


Sure but we also need people to not get carted.

I doubt he was unprepared (by that I mean items) there’s only so much the small boosts from buffs will help he wasn’t getting one shot and he didn’t get pinned cause I’d have flashed.

I watched the video that I recorded. He died all 3 times to the hip check lol. The first time he was hit by the head sweep and got caught by a hip check not directed at him. The other two times he did get one shotted by it. So I guess he was either cheap (I as a bow user pop a max potion and use the Def up L meal every time) or just really undergeared. The only thing I know I’ll get one shotted by is the big head smash into the ground.

Only reason I grab the def up is cause that makes it like 52% of my health taken off instead of 60%+ so gives me a bit more leeway if I manage to grab a quick heal I’m likely to survive a stray hit.


Really wish I could hold more than one of each trap on me. Makes multi-monster investigations annoying to capture all of them. Returning to the camp every time is blegh.


You never thought to take the mats to craft 2 more traps with you as opposed to returning to camp after each cap?


He could be like me and just not have enough space because I have like everything I need so I don’t have to switch items.


At one point I did start doing that. But that also takes like 4 inventory slots, and I also carry all kinds of other shit.

Power/armor charm/talons, all kinds of potions, materials to make more potions, steaks, and what I pick up in the level to take back with me. Plus the things like cool drinks, antidotes, and nullberries depending on what I’m fighting.

Inventory is really short on spots.


I see what you’re saying. You not using the save item loadout feature? It’s a godsend when you want to keep somethng for every situation and keep some inventory space, as well.


Yeah buuuuut I’m to lazy to do all that work lol


I have like 5 saved loadouts

Elder dragon
Tempered Pickle
Basic mon
Empty so I can just dump everything and harvest


Well, then you’ve got no-one to blame but yourself. xP

I’ve also got a loadout for bombing runs. The awesome thing about this feature is that it lets you saved a customised radial menu to each loadout.


I just add bombs to the big dudes like t pickles and elder dragons.

Yeah I noticed that it’s super useful but also moderately annoying having to set it up for every new item loadout.


Typically that’s what I’ll do, as well. But I do also have an armour set running Bombardier when I can’t be bothered to deal with a monster coughtemperedkirincough by actually fighting it, so I have an item set for that.

It is, but it’s well worth the effort.


Wow I just got 6 xeno’jiva veils from one run…

2 from picking up stuff, 1 from breaking it’s head 2 from breaking wings and one as quest complete reward.


Man daora is soooooo easy with bow. I got him in the KO combo where he gets knocked out almost immediately after he wakes up at one point took him down in 6 minutes also got a gem on my first attempt… >.>