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Gah got to the forth phase again but once again someone fainted at the second ecliptic meteor that leads into the fourth phase and we failed…


People keep fainting on tempered jho… and once the 2nd one faints everyone dips out


Yeah that’ll usually happen. People are to lazy to see if they can actually beat him or get that last faint so they just leave and join a new one. It’s annoying.


Well it’s also that if you abandon quest you get all your consumables back


Lance is excellent for t jho


I really wish dash juice did not require farming monsters =/ I am waaaaaaay too lazy to farm monsters to get a consumable so I can maximize my DPS


I was doing so well too bad my team all carted


uggggggggh why is everyone so trash

like srsly stop carting on tempered jho or play solo


Okay, with the end of the MonHun championship at TGS we’ve now got Arch Tempered Lunastra and Zorah Magdoros confirmed, and (for PS4 players) another Horizon: Zero Dawn collab quest that pits us against 2 Tempered Deviljho, all of these quests award new Gamma armour sets.

Gotta say I hate the fact that we’re basically just having more “lolstats” endgame shit thrown at us. Come on MonHun team, you’re better than that.


How the fuck are they gonna arch temper Zorah? He doesn’t even have a normal tempered form.


No idea, they’re claiming that there will be some surprises in that quest, though. So I’m half expecting that we’ll get some kind of minor mechanical changes that make the quest far more of a slog than it has any reasonable right to be and that’s about it.


Inb4 it’s just arch tempered nergi on his back and you have to kill it before Zorah breaks the wall.


On top of that you need to hit Zorah with approximately 50,000 cannon shots before he’s repelled.


You also need to break every single breakable part on him.


And then as he’s retreating you have to survive against 3 Tempered Deviljho all at once for 10 minutes.


Well that’s not too tough for Lance. Just turtle in a corner with lvl 3+ Guard skill and Dash Juice. Infinite blocking. Vitality Mantle for backup ofc.


Oh, I know. But not everyone uses Lance. xP


And we like to call them losers :3


You’ll also have two tempered Bazel’s repeatedly carpet bombing you


Along with Arch Tempered Luna using her Supernova every 10 seconds.