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I just… I… I’m just not even going to respond…


Oh how are the mods? I heard there are some… unmentionable ones but have you tried out any of the custom monsters?


Nah. Only “mod” I got is a damage meter so I know if I’m useless or not.

Tho it’s kinda funny there’s a reskin for jho so that he looks like yoshi


Well now you’re useless to me! You and not giving me feedback on monster mods and your two hero shafts cries in corner with 8 warrior shafts


I’ve got like 8 ranged streamstones… BOWS ARE RANGED GAAAAH… and a few axe and sword ones


Do axe streamstones even exist? I’ve grinded for some before and haven’t seen a single one.


Yarp I’ve got a few of em.


The brigade layered armor set looks really nice with the black pigment on. It’s way better than the Lao layered armor set imo you can barely change the color on that one and even the it has to somehow look good with a shitty rust red.

Oh @TrickshotMcgee I wanna hear your impressions on Kulve and the relic system when you get the chance. I’m sorry I just really like hearing new players opinions on things.


I actually haven’t touched Kulve. Isn’t it supposed to be an online thing? Cause I can’t do that.

Also, no fuckin clue what relic system is.


As far as mods go, some of them seem pretty decent, but as far as the monster mods go they’re made by people who have a very limited understanding of challenge alongside whatever restrictions they have to work with, leading to them covering any, and all, weaknesses in monster movesets with explosions and leaving it there.




+10 points for tasteful Doctor Who reference.


Ayyy :point_right::point_right:


Cutting of Kulves horns and getting the siege rewards give you relics. Relics in the older games were more of a random drop chance and the pool of stats were much bigger iirc.

Kulves relics are some of the older models with gold bits on them and they come in tiers. Some relics are actually endgame tier replacing other weapons.


So the relics are just weapons? Or parts of weapons? Sounds like kinda normal farming. Similar to the way Zorah weapons are made.


I’m pretty sure they’ve added more but here’s an old spreadsheet. I didn’t make this but it’ll give you an idea on the relic system.

Edit 2: here we go

After the siege is done you get relics which turn into weapons. And yes I know, it’s huge. It’s random what weapon you’ll get and I honestly think it’s a waste of time as not all weapons are good.

What I think Kulve is good for is farming guild points. She has a lot of breakable parts and drops that reward guild points for each hunt so if I’m in dire need of guild points and Kulves around I’ll usually do 2-4 sieges and you usually get around 1000 guild points per siege if you’re actively trying to get said points.


Can this be done without use of the online service? Or am I required to be in a team?


You don’t need to be in a team buuuuuut… Kulve is a siege monster which I means it’ll take multiple hunts to get to her fourth and final phase. It’ll go waaaay quicker if you just hop in a room that’s doing the siege.


I do not have PS+, nor the money to pay for it. I was just curious if it was doable. I don’t mind doing the extra work. I just wanted to know if the game was gonna let me.


Yeah it’s doable the game lets ya. Many people have solo’d her. I think Canta holds the record of the fastest kulve kill not sure tho. If you don’t know who Canta is search up Cantaperme she puts all the veterans to shame with soloing even Behemoth which I can’t do. She’s super good at the game is what I’m saying.