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It was my adventure buddy. She was protecting me from big scary monsters.


Yeah pretty much…


Aaah they’re gonna fix mouse controls shortly


Gah I’ve been trying to find this Winds of the New World quest or something like that so I can’t get my guild ticket thing so I can finish my Lunastra IG but I can’t find a single sos flare ;-;

Anyone here on Xbox have the quest that would be willing to help me out and let me join it so I can get that ticket? Pm me available times so we can plan it out.

Edit: It’s called White Winds of the New World and it drops the Research Commission Ticket which is what I need. I just haven’t had the time to do all the optional quests with school in the way it takes to much time for me cause that’s a lot of quests.


I have both quests that drop it. Preference?


I’m pretty sure I can only do white winds since I’m not high enough to do the HR 100 quest. Even though honestly that’d be super fun to do. Also I’m trying out a new set to see how I like it so my armor is gonna be low until I either switch back or upgrade it.

Edit: I just reread that and it makes me sound stubborn. I apologize if I came off as rude. I’m super tired. What I meant to say was that most of my armor isn’t really meant to fight tempered elders yet other than my old IG set. Thanks for the offer of helping me out I hope we can easily find a time to set up and murder some monsters haha.


Anyone here on Xbox able to help me with Behemoth. I’m tired to randos fainting in the first room. I’ve only seen the first few minutes of stage three because of this. I also really want that kinsect so I can finally compare it to my kinsect and see how good it is.


I can help you sleep bomb him down if you have the lunestra Styx hbg. (Don’t have to have it, just super easy)

Magda gemitus 2 works good too


Rip I don’t use hbg… I do carry a shit ton of bombs tho. I have the time to get a good HBG but I don’t have the time to grind out a whole new armor set and gems. Not to mention I’m still grinding for a shaft streamstone for my IG. Oh yeah and I’ve always sucked with any type of bowgun they’ve just never been my style.


Saaaaaame. I’ve got so many ranged streamstones but no shafts and ofc I’m a bow user lol