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If anyone only needs horns, just break the horns and then return from quest. Guaranteed horns that way. And you don’t have to play through the whole match.


Hold on, seriously? That works?


It certainly does! I personally keep at it because most of the quests I farm these days are Tempered, but still.


Wow. And to think I’ve been rolling dice for Teostra horns. Wow x2


Mods everybody.


The Effluvial Expert skill trivializes the Vaal Hazak fight. This is both enlightening and disappointing.

Means he is basically no threat at all. The health cut is the scariest thing about him, and that can be negated entirely. Shame, though I guess it would have been shitty if they didn’t offer some form of counter to it other than the berries and Elderseal.


Effluvia resistance also negates the build-up that cuts your health in half. It doesn’t stop his aura from damaging you, but from what I understand Vaal Hazak is the most vulnerable Elder Dragon to Elderseal.


The damage he does with the aura is negligible. Easily the least annoying, when you don’t count the HP debuff.


Yeah I definitely turn off his aura a lot with my nergi bow


Transporting wyvern eggs. Most annoying low rank mission. Easily.


Oh you’d never want to play the older games then. In those you could only sprint with them no rolling at all.


I did it without the transporter pro armour lol


So did I. Much to my regret. I used something with Intimidator so the Jagras and Kestodons didn’t mess with me while I was moving slowly.


I’m still annoying thinking about that egg quest I need to do in Gen so I can progress the story.


What way did you go where you needed to worry about them?


Just a reminder that in World you can throw on the Ghillie Mantle to make egg fetch quests a bit easier.


I honestly have no clue. I got fuckin lost as shit cause I couldn’t take any of the normal shortcuts where ya crawl under roots or the area where you go under water.

I ended up making my way around past the Pukei nest both times.


Damn dude, you just need to go down the first slide, and go through the vines on the other side, back up to the Ancient Forest camp. Just have to go through the vines without the egg once to open it up.

Can Ghillie up, grab the egg, and get back to camp before it runs out. If you are quick, one Ghillie Mantle will safely get you both eggs to camp.

Sounds like yours was more of an adventure though.


Oh, it was an adventure lmfao. I got the first egg back with a rathian on my ass the whole time. I had to kill it after that, though. Was on my ass too long.


I killed it first before stealing lol