Monster Hunter World - General Discussion


I wonder if they’ll put the Tempered Jho dlc quest on there for PC as well when they release him.


Noice. Prepare to be slightly disappointed. I hear he was high level satan in older games. This time he is kinda mid-boss feeling. The first time I killed him, it felt like beginner’s luck combined with powered up piercing rounds. But no. It is just all around less than fantastic.

It can punish a mistake worse than most monsters, sure. But as long as you at least kinda know what you’re doing it shouldn’t be a big problem.

That said, I have caught like 3 of them, and the damn Arena won’t show up for it. Kind of annoying.


I don’t think Jho has a arena quest


Well that’s stupid. Everything should. If you can catch it, you should be able to drop it into the rock bowl and fight it.

I kind of assumed that’s why you could never catch Elders.


I don’t think he’d really work in an arena quest as he relies off of other monsters for some of his more powerful moves.


Jho was never actually as bad as the elitists like to make him out to be. Sure, he had some moments, but was nowhere near that bad.


Yeah he wasn’t that hard, you just needed to be properly geared and know what you’re doing. Also unlike world you can take advantage of status meats a lot more in the previous games.


There have been plenty of arena quests with multiple monsters. TBH it shouldn’t be that hard. Catch a Jho, catch misc smaller monster, make an arena.

Ok, so it wasn’t that different from how he is now? Because I saw a lot of people crying about how much weaker he is than before.


I’m pretty sure he used to be a lot more aggressive but he could also take advantage of you a lot easier since the movement wasn’t so fluid in the older games.


That’ll be because in World people were overgeared when he dropped. He is overall no worse in earlier games than he is in World.


See, I wasn’t overgeared. People who started before he was introduced were. I started maybe a little over 2 weeks ago.


2 Xeno’Jiva gems in one run. Where the fuck was this luck when I needed other stuff? Not complaining, but geeeeeez


Xeno always drops a bunch of gems for me. I’ve gotten four gems once, one from tail, one from body, and the last two from rewards.


That’s weird. Gems are supposed to be rare as hell.

Also, I notice the Xeno appearance rate is kinda crazy. Why is it so much more common than Zorah? Cause it is coming back like every other mission I run. Much as I want that armor, it’s crazy how often it spawns.


Vaal Hazak fangs and Teo powders are the rare things for me lol.


I always get a bunch of rare things I don’t need, but when it comes to Diablos and getting his Majestic Horns that’s where the game always crosses the line for some reason. I break both horns and I cap him, I’ve done that countless times and I’ve gotten at least three wyvern gems but not a single majestic horn. It’s super annoying.


Diablos was one of the first things I farmed lol. Didn’t take tooooo long farming him for horns


I can’t get any Teo horns. Even when I intentionally snap them, they are just mythical. Really want a teo investigation with a gold reward (or two). I managed to get Vaal and Jho missions with really good bonuses, but can’t manage any of the others.

Vaal Hazak stuff drops pretty regularly for me, though. But I have only gotten 1 tail, and no gems. Had to meld for the gem.


You might be mistaking it with his LR horns, I have a bunch of those from FARMING HR DIABLOS. I’m pretty sure with how much Diablos I’ve killed the species would be endangered by now…


Just get the felyne researcher food skill and grab tracks for the next half hour

Nah I didn’t need to specifically farm LR diablos I got em really easily to start.

I also killed LR diablos a bunch for fun I loved seeing like 10+ hits from DP