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I haven’t played World in awhile, I really need to hop on and grind out missions so that I can actually get to HR 100 and be able to get those tickets I need to upgrade my Lunastra IG. I really hate how they did that with them but I guess it makes sense because they’re really powerful. Not powerful enough t warrant that imo tho.


Giant baby dragon god: fuckin murdered.



You decided to give it a super late term abortion eh


Why aren’t I like… king, now? That thing could have wiped out every living thing. All I got was some gold and a piece of paper with “good job” written on it


Uh cause they’re all secretly mad you got to do all the fun stuff.

Like admiral prolly wanted to kamehadouken the things face off but nooooooooooo you had to kill it all fast and stuff before he could get back.

Srsly so selfish smh


Yeah, I did kinda stop the Admiral from even trying. Cockblock to the max.

The main character is the biggest asshole. We are the guy that calls dibs on everything and then trips other people who might get it first.

Unskippable credit scenes. Uuuugggghhhhhh


There is another option for those tickets if you are a long ways out from 100. Do all the optional quests available below rank 100 and it unlocks a mission that gives a ticket. (Don’t remember the missions name)


I forgot about that one. I just remembered you don’t need to do it you can join people who are doing it as long as you are HR 49 or something like that… why am I dumb sometimes…


Is there a way to make a regular armor set into layered armor or something? I like the Vaal Hazak beta set better than alpha, but the alpha skills are way better than I would get using my pitiful lvl 1 decorations on beta.


Do bring Flash Pods. The stun time might be minimal but it forces her to do her SN on your terms instead of hers.

Not yet, but you’re now getting to the point where you should start thinking about mixing sets. Alpha set pieces typically offer more skills but fewer deco slots whilst Beta set pieces have fewer skills but more deco slots to make for a more customisable skillset.


This tells me that there is, eventually. That’s all I wanted to know.

But yeah, I do already know I’m gonna need to mix pieces to max my skills and stuff out. That’s not really much of an issue.

Most of my issue is that I simply don’t have the most beneficial decos at the moment. But I mostly use skills as QoL or other beneficial things. Like speed sharpening, or affinity boosts, am also working on Bazel parts for the earplugs skill.

I just wanna fashion hardcore. Choosing between skills and looking badass is unfortunate. It’s even worse because I use like 5 different weapons, so one set of armor isn’t good for everything.


Well, so far the Arch Tempered Elders have given us a few different armour sets as layered sets.
AT Kirin gave us the Butterfly set, I think it was
AT Teo gave us the Dante set
AT Vaal Hazak gave us the Death Stentch set.

So I assume that there will be more, it’s just a matter of waiting.


Oh, you can’t do that with regular armors? That’s rather disappointing, actually.

I thought there was a transmogrify thing to change how armor pieces looked while keeping their stats/skills.


I know the fans actually want that exact feature. So I imagine it’ll make an appearance sooner or later. Or they’ll just give us ways to get normal armour sets as layered sets, as well.


Nah only on PC and that’s a mod. Closest you’ll get is layered armour sadly

Also I got a DPS meter which is super nice


Goddamnit. Get on it, Capcom.

Unless someone wants to gimmie like $500 to fully upgrade my PC.


Actually the only transmog system we’ve had so far is in GenU I’ve heard while it’s a little grindy it’s worth it.


MY GOOD PEOPLE! I think I might have the world record on highest damage on single hit! Can’t find one higher yet. Help research for me?

2290 attack rating
3720 damage on wake


Tempered Bazel isn’t that hard by itself. Really shitty when there’s 2 chasing me instead of pulling aggro for each other, though.

Anyway, HR39 bois. Just kinda leaped up from 14.


And to PC players, Murder Pickle is dropping for you guys this week.