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I believe so. It kind of feels that way with the bow, given that all of its moves are multi-hit. I certainly feel like I’m applying status ailments faster with it than the other weapons I use. But I couldn’t say for sure.


Ikr ESO has future cosmetics and expansions months in advance and we don’t even know proc rates or how affliction resist changes per activation or thresholds per monsters

Like all I know is my palico will get 1-2 paralyze over a 10 minute fight


I knew bow did it. Because the tutorials distinctly mention it can fire multiple arrows at once. I think it even specifies that they are good for status. (That is partially why I have the Kadachi bow. Lots of paralysis buildup)

I just can’t seem to figure out if other weapon types have similar mechanics with special stuff. It seems like they would be super powerful if they did. But nobody makes mention of it at any point.


Iirc different weapons have different proc rates/amounts/multipliers even with the same numbers but multi hits for the same weapom work the same as a single hit so with bow you can get either 1-5x as much out of your coatings


Chuckles trust me, the learning curve for the series used to be far worse. I’d liken it to running headfirst into a brick wall.

You know, now that you mention that I actually do remember that being stated in the bow’s tutorial. Odd that I’d forget something like that.

Thinking about it, though, The Wyrmstake (Gunlance’s multi-hit move) only seems to trigger the health regen augment on the initial and last hit of the move, so it could be that status procs function similarly.


It’s good that it’s getting better but I wish Japanese devs would make things a bit clearer so people don’t have to spend dozens or hundreds of hours testing


I have forgotten almost all of the tutorials for pretty much every weapon. I only remember that stuff by using it enough lol.


Yeah, same. Lol.
It gets to a point where you get comfortable with the weapon and the info the tutorials gave you kind of just fades from your memory.


Ive got mixed feelings about this game

This is my first MH game- so i was excited to finally get my hands on the franchise, and i DID absolutely love it-

right until the end.

With only 30ish monsters in the game… theres not a lot of variety / end game content to really enjoy for me. Which is a bit of a shame. And even of those 30, it really seems like theres only a few youll farm repeatedly.

OTHER THAN THAT, loved it.


This is basically the endgame of every MonHun game, regardless of how much other content the game has. Its endgame has always been relatively weak.


Trying out dual blades, now that I have a better understanding of the game. These little things fuckin rock. But no guarding is rough.


Yeah the endgame was always weak except for Gen. Imo Gen had the best endgame as it allowed you to grind up HR to unlock more powerful monsters like Amatsu. It also had the Deviants which spiced up the endgame armor sets to grind for as well as being generally fun to fight, except a certain few… cough Thunderlord Zinogre and Dreadking Rathalos cough


I still honestly wish that tempered monsters had been handled more like deviants, it would’ve made the endgame more interesting.


Ya never know. Once they get PC caught up for most of the events not based on seasons, they might just add in some of that stuff older games had.

Ok, Vaal Hazak is the easiest elder dragon so far. The miasma is the only annoying thing about that fight. Without the chip damage, I could do it at the lowered health levels. It is easier than some of the regular monster, really.


They’re trying to go for a more realist theme this time so I don’t think they’ll add in deviants since deviants are like monsters from MHF except since the 3ds couldn’t handle it they’re toned down. I would like to see some old world monsters though. We’re really lacking in water and ice monsters so I think bringing back Zamtrios would be neat. Though along with old monsters I really want to see new monsters.


Never say never, the more realistic angle didn’t last long in Tri, after all.


Ayy all 3 Elder Dragons finally dead. The “keep Kushala constantly blinded and on the ground” strategy worked like a charm. Now time to never fight one of those that I don’t have to ever again.


Enjoy going after tempereds where they can only be flashed three times


Since you’re on console you should be getting close to being able to hunt Lunastra. Lemme give you a tip: Just don’t bring Flash Pods, Lunastra gets stunned for a few seconds in the air when flashed but she won’t fall at all.


Oh, I mostly don’t even bother on other monsters. None of them are annoying enough to warrant that strategy. And since I never plan on fighting that monster until I am required to, should not be any problem.