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Almost feel bad going back and killing the early monsters. HR Great Jagras takes like 3 minutes, and dies before it even has a chance at fleeing to sleep.


Just imagine how quickly you’ll do that when your armour and weapons are fully optimised. I can cap Great Jagras in about 90 seconds without eating if I manage my stamina properly.


How much better is arch tempered armour?


it’s determined more on a piece-by-piece basis rather than the set as a whole, since the endgame meta is mixing sets, and typically depends on the skills each piece has by default and the slots that come with it.


But are they in general much or slightly better if it fits into your build or are they just different?


Gamma armor is much like another armor set from Gen in which they are built for mixed sets. You’re not really supposed to wear the full armor set otherwise you’re just wasting the potential of creating a good mixed set with it.


I believe he is just asking if they are worth getting.


Shhhhhhh, I knew that… I totally didn’t just wake up when I wrote that and I know absolutely what I was doing…


Wonder if they made the Handler annoying on purpose. Because she is. In my own game I usually have the volume down so I can’t hear her, but watching someone stream the game really makes it hit home.


I tolded yoooou she was annoying.


Yeah. I was willing to forgive the Legiana thing cause she didn’t know it would happen. And the Deviljho thing because nobody told her. Odd that she didn’t know given her otherwise completely clairvoyant powers, but w/e.

But she chased an Odogaron unarmed. Like wtf. There is a reason the first fleet lady is still alive after what I assume to be close to a century. And she can handle her damn self. I don’t get her logic, there.

“Let me go unarmed to rescue this basically legendary tier hunter that could probably 1v1 this monster barefisted”

For real, nameless goggle book lady. Why?


Yeah odo was my breaking point lol.


Attack was 1750-ish before pill wore off.


So Elderseal. I know it is supposed to shut down auras for Elder Dragons. Killed a Teostra and notice it hardly did anything to stop that aura or the supernova attack.

As soon as the fire was gone it just roared and got it back a minute or two later. Didn’t feel any different from the normal cooldown for the ability.

Is it a status and I’m not building it up fast enough? Does it just chip away at ability duration and force them to reactivate it periodically? This shit is never explained by the game, so what the fuck?


Elderseal procs like a status ailment, so you’ve got to be attacking regularly to let it build up. I find that it only really has its uses when in a party of 4 and 2 people are using weapons with a high Elderseal stat. Otherwise you’re much better off not bothering.


I dunno about the others but I REALLY notice elserseal on hazak and not so much on the others


I hear it’s actually very effective against AT Vaal Hazak.


Ah, alright. Thank you. I’ve just been so confused as to how the hell it worked, and why it never did anything for me.

The nergi weapons are good in general, though, so I’m gonna continue to use those regardless of Elderseal effectiveness in solo. Good to know not to expect to shut down that stuff. Easier to assume I’ve just got to deal with it.

Another question, because I’m having trouble testing it. Despite my nearly 80 hours, it still isn’t clear to me: Do multi-hit weapons or skills build statuses faster?

Like the special move for gunlance where you stab the monster with a drill. If I had Blast or poison on that, would each of those small hits help build status, or is it only on the deliberate strikes with the weapon?

Amazingly, these are not things I can manage to find on the wiki.


The wiki is surprisingly trash for a game that’s been out for months

Like there isn’t even a mention of # of iframes


People just need to datamine this game and update the shit out of the wiki already.