Monster Hunter World - General Discussion


Nope, it’s the triple hops. You can evade better than any other weapon (drawn), because you can jump around like a madman after any stab. It’s great.


Isn’t the bow dash pretty good too?


Bow is middling, it’s main strength is that it has disgusting close range damage and you can move decently quick, but absolutely nothing stands close to Lance, closest you can get is DB in demon, or GS since you spend 90% of the fight sheathed up.


Huh. I didn’t even know that was a thing. Still haven’t done much experimenting with lance outside of training area. I like gunlance more than regular, based on what little I used them.


It does? I’d figure that bow would be on the lower side for damage


Nah, spread Shot is some of the best close range damage in game when you have power coating. It hits like a goddamn truck, to the point that Bow became one of the most popular speedrun weapons in game.


Huh that’s good to know


Does power coating apply to dragon piercer?


I think it’s called spread anyway kek. Pierce is good against gigantic monsters, since you can get 2-3 hits per shot and stay far away, but in almost every other situation the triple shot will just get you so much value, and each shot gets you 3 arrows at the cost of only one coating, so ya. Opieop.


That’s one of the “Hunter art” things right?


That’s the bow-specific ability thing. Super strong piercing shot.


For bow it’s called power shot. Pierce/spread are for bowgun


In that case power coating likely won’t apply.

Nah, what I mean is the 3 firing types. You have 3 kinds of “shots”, based on how long you let the bow charge.


No Arts in World.


Naw we got 3-4 kinds of shots but it’s not affected by the charge. We got arc, normal, power and Dragon Piercer and while they are all affected by charge level they don’t change to a different attack based on the charge.

You fire off more arrows for normal and power depending on charge level and arc shot lasts longer.

All of them including DP deals more damage based on charge


Sitting around 500 armor now -.-

And with that set, hit around 1750 damage on wakeup swings not counting bombs XD


Yeah but there are like, special move things, that I can only compare to arts.

Huh, guess they changed bow up. Before your bow came with different variations. Some bows had only one shot type, others had 3. That’s near.


The bows now vary between what “coatings” you can use, which apply different buffs to your arrows as you fire them.


Yeah, they changed it up a bit. Basically bows only have a standardised normal shot, power shot, arch shot and Dragon Piercer as opposed to all the variations they used to have.


Yeah now it’s all about the coatings and elemental stuff to differentiate