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Bombardier, Mega Barrel Bombs and Farcasters make Tempered Kirin a fair bit easier.


Kushala still kicking my ass, even using ranged weapons. Much more annoying than Teostra.


I’d rate the difficulty at Nergi>Kirin>Teo>Kush>Vaal


I haven’t gotten to Vaal yet. Not looking forward to it, simply based on the fact that I know it has that miasma that cuts HP.

Probably gonna agree with that list, though.

If Kushala didn’t stunlock you every time it moved, it would be a significantly easier monster. Really fucks melee up unless it has a ton of reach.


It’s like a status build up just don’t get hit by the beam and bring some null berries. Otherwise it’s like fighting in lava areas without the chill drink

Also stay close or behind him so you don’t have to worry about his beam. Otherwise he’s super easy

Killed temp Kirin. I dislike kirin. That is all.


Funny enough, first time I fought Kushala I found him the easiest. Every time after that though, he got progressively more annoying with his tornadoes.

I was using the Nerg Lance. Elderseal is lovely.


Oh yeah definitely annoying not exactly hard though. The final area though with the tornadoes is so annoying lol


Honestly I didn’t notice Elderseal doing anything. Using the Nergi charge blade, I was still getting stunlocked by the air aura.


You’ll definitely notice it against Hazak.


I got trapped between two tornadoes with him shooting wind at me once. Not fun. Eventually ran out of stamina and got knocked down inside of one.


Oof that’s shitty.


My pure DPS Greatsword build now has almost 470 Armor after augmenting. Oof.


I only have 385 lol


It’s stupid high man. My Lance set isn’t that damn high. Behemoth armor op.


To be fair, the Lance only really needs to be able to block, after that the defence stat means very little outside of giving you a margin of error for a mistimed attack.


I still need to give Lance an earnest try. The slow movement is gonna suck, but I use HBG, so i think I’ll be fine.


Ugh searching for SOS’s is a real pain in the ass…

So many failed to join quests cause they fill up and then I have to enter the 9 star + investigation criteria


Evade Extender Lv. 3 helps to massively offset the Lance’s slow movement speed. It still takes some getting used to, but believe me, it makes keeping up with the monster a whole lot easier.


Funnily enough, Lance is actually one of the most mobile weapons in game, despite how clunky it looks.


Are you referring to its charge? Yeah it lets you move pretty quickly, but it’s also pretty high-risk to use only the charge as a means of repositioning.