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I always feel kinda bad when people complain about auras and shit cause as a ranged dude I’m like wut auras?

Except for hazak cause I’m within like 10 feet of him at all times so I don’t risk that breath attack also cause I like that dash dance


Teostra’s gigantic fire explosion never killed me. It hurt. A lot. But never carted me.


I got hit by it once after he roared directly on top of me and went into SN


It really sucks because it isn’t something I seemed to be able to block, unlike…everything else in the game.

Though I suppose if it could be blocked it would be too easy.


SN is blockable with Guard Up.


Oof I’m still a ways away from that skill. Unless I make the uragaan set, it would only be available in a charm, which I can only craft around the time I hit 9* missions.

Good to know, though. Thank you.


Basically the beams and nergi dive bomb and kirin ground lightning as well as SN


You can block nergi divebomb without that skill.


That’s what I get for googling =\

The wiki doesn’t seem to be that detailed for being out for 6 months so I’m relying on forum posts


You can get a deco for it, as well. It’s pretty rare, though.


Yeah, that’s kinda strange. Wonder if they tried it with the basic sword and shield. Cause that won’t work. I can only do it with lvl 2 guard skill and charge blade/lance.


Probably peeps confusing running out of stam with it being unblockable


The fools. Unlockable attacks don’t even take stamina. They just lolnope around your shield.


I dunno maybe they thought you couldn’t stack stamina high enough to block all of it’s hits.


Just stack Guard boi. Can do it without eating anything or using a stamina item.


Oooooor I go bow and just don’t get hit =p


So this happened with some friends and I died XD now we do this all the time. Just thought I’d share.


Bruh, fuck Kushala Daora. Jeez. Melee is pretty annoying to play against that with all the wind bullshit. Gooooood thing I bothered to learn bows and bowguns.


Just flash Everytime she leaves the ground XD spends half the match on her side. Also if anyone on Xbox needs help let me know.


Oof I just got tempered kirin