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Kind of off topic, but I do hope they put out a remastered 1 with 2+3 in a pack or something. Just to have all three on one device.


Aren’t 1 and 2 already out on Switch?


2 is switch exclusive, like 3 will be. 1 came out long before, though. It’s on last gen consoles and PC, but none of the Nintendo ones.

Actually, 1 is on the wiiU with 2


Bayo 1 was rereleased on the WiiU when Bayo 2 was released. =/


I forgot about that, whoops :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah, I want em all on Switch for convenience. Cause I hate swapping systems throughout a series.

And now back on topic, nergigante and kirin armor are tasteless smut armors, and I am disappointed.


A lot of female armor looks fan servicey which is really annoying. It’s mainly why I always use a male character in MH


I don’t mind fanservice, so long as it’s tasteful. Skin isn’t bad, the odogaron and pukei sets are good examples of that. But when the character is pretty much covered with just a loincloth and a bra, it’s ridiculous.

Japan makes some good games, but sometimes their taste is a little overboard.




Killed my first fuckin deviljho. And it only carted me twice.

Ffffffffuck yeah


The male Kirin armor is fanservice too.


I know. But there’s only a couple that are like that. Female armor, though, has a lot of skimpy stuff.


Honestly I was waiting to see a new players perspective on him. Because Deviljho is more of mid high rank when he came out pretty much everyone destroyed him and for disappointments with him saying he was to weak when they’re all overgeared to fight him. Then they released tempered Deviljho ptsd flashbacks of being 1-hit killed

Do you think he was more balanced at your level? I’m assuming your mid high rank. Mid high rank is around the elders and harder monsters not the tempered monsters.


Currently HR13. I don’t know if that’s mid level or anything, but the fight didn’t feel unfair at all. It was really like fighting a much angrier Anjanath on roids. Overall I would say it’s on the more balanced side. Maybe not worth the name “world eater”, but is certainly no pushover.

It was harder than the other special monsters I’ve killed - black diablos, azure rathalos, etc. Haven’t killed other Elders yet, though. Aside from the low rank Kirin for the event, that is. I’m still in the tracking phase of the story for other elders.


Actually that just comes from the lore of Jho, they literally eat anything, dead monsters, hunters, wildlife, even their own tail! My favorite was when I was playing Gen awhile ago and I captured a monster, Jho just came in and started eating it lol.


Teostra was significantly easier than I was expecting it to be. Less stressful than Deviljho and Nergigante.

Without the constant fire damage, I imagine the fight would be practically trivial. But that constant chip damage of the surroundings and the aura were doing more damage than the monster itself was.


If you think Teostra’s aura was annoying, just wait for Vaal. If I can give you one tip:

Bring Nullberies.


Then don’t fight it lol. Cool drink it :slight_smile: stops heat damage. Not to be confused with fire damage


Noted. Thank you.

Oh, I did for the second half of the fight after I got carted. But the aura was consistently annoying.


Doesn’t Cool Drink stop the aura damage too? Could very well be wrong lol


It does not lol. It stops the lava areas from damaging you, but the monster’s aura still did it.