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If it is based on the weapon’s damage I can see why. Some of those guns have quite a lot of possible damage output.


Well, killed a Pink Rathian with a LBG. That shit’s a lot less stressful, jeez. You can just fucking strafe all the attacks. Lay down wyvernblasts and wait for it to charge like a dipshit.

Surprisingly large chunk of damage.


Extreme behemoth is though to have 50k health lol


Dohoho dis slaps me on de knee.


Well this was a repost because I forgot I said it last night… so… … hi, I guess.


i hv laughed so hard because of the Genji jokes xD And he really nailed it because most of the bad Genji Player just run into the enemy


What makes them even funnier is that bad longsword players do exactly the same thing and often end up carting, typically more than people new to other weapon types.


Long sword takes a lot of commitment to use in a way that lets you maximize damage.


Potential buyer here. Why’s the game suddenly doing like ass on PC after everyone and their mother praised its console release? I’m not gonna bother reading the Steam reviews because if For Honor has taught me one thing, it’s that reception on Steam means jack all; but I’m legitimately curious why they’re so negative.


Largely because of the 6 month delay, Denuvo being a cunt, and the port struggling with multiplayer connections.

At least, that’s what I gather.

Also, lack of the extra content that consoles have. The DLC monsters/weapons/armor. Events. That stuff isn’t on there yet


Well, that’s just a silly thing to get mad over. Of course events that have come and gone won’t be on a platform where the game wasn’t available while they were happening. Obviously, Kulve Taroth and whatnot will have to just show up later.


At the same time, though, you’d have thought that Deviljho and Lunastra would have been available from the get-go.


Not if they had two separate teams working on each task.


Oh, I don’t disagree with you. But I’ve met a handful of salty people over discord who are mad the events aren’t happening yet. I have no doubt there are significantly more than the small sample size I spoke to.

The extra monsters being delayed I can kind of understand. That’s the core of the game in general, and not being quick with it kinda sucks for PC players.


Nergigante is actually not as bad as I was expecting. The only problem I have is that it just doesn’t have many breaks in its attacks. Hard to get a good Amped Elemental combo off.

Less annoying than Black Diablos. That thing has so many attacks that just demolish health.


Yes Nergigante is meant to be fast and hard hitting as a trade off for not have any elemental damage whatsoever. When you’re not relying on super magic tornados or literally turning into a supernova you’d have to adapt to being fast and strong to overpower an elder.


Monster Hunter: Generations Ultimate is out now on the switch!

To bad I don’t have the money atm…


Too bad I’m in no rush to buy a Switch. xP


Hey now.

Skyrim is on the switch. You better buy one for that. (But also better games like bayonetta, zelda, and mario kart)


I gots Skyrim on mah PS4.
Though I am waiting for Bayo 3 before investing in a Switch.