Monster Hunter World - General Discussion


Yeah. I’m not used to bow, so I definitely feel the lack of DR and blocking ability that my melee has. Or the ability to mount easily and dodge with glaive. And Pink Anja 1-shots me with that jump, so it’s rough


Just so you know, doing the bow’s charge, dodge and then pressing triangle (or whatever the equivalent on XBone is) will cause you to do a melee attack that can let you do a mount if you hit the monster with it enough.


The bow charging sidestep is super nice though


Yeah. But I’ve only landed it on Jagras and Barroth. It is way too close for comfort with a bow.

Especially against things like Diablos. Instant RIP.


Lol 90% of the time I’m using close range coating and I’m as close or closer than the melee peeps


That’s more or less the way you want to play the bow. Since you’re able to keep mobile whilst keeping up the damage, which is something no other weapon can really do.


Yarp so much fun dashing in at 4 charge and landing the entire power shot in the monsters face and getting it to stumble


AFAIK LBG is as or more mobile than bow. Just less damage, I think.

And the whole reloading thing.


Mmm I’ve tried lbg it feels nowhere near as mobile once you up constitution and start gliding around using charging sidestep


Overall I believe the bow is the most mobile weapon in the game, given the rapid dodge-to-attack ability it has, the lack of reloading, and the fact that you can play high-risk-high-reward with close-range coating and mind’s eye.


Hmm. I need to use them both a little more. I suck with bow, and LBG is still beyond my ken. Gonna have to practice with both in low rank before I take them on any real high rank missions.


Afaik the bow guns are all about the statuses and spread ammo


And cluster in the case of the HBG.


I heard that was one of the preferred ways of cheesing behemoth


Putting it to sleep and blasting it with mega barrel bombs?


It’s not really “cheese” people just like to say it is because it’s not the way that they would deal with Behemoth, and it’s an effective way of soloing him on top of that. Similarly to my method of dealing with Tempered Kirin (Bombardier, Mega Barrel Bombs and Farcasters) I don’t actually think that’s cheese, I just say it is.

Nah, with Behemoth you put him to sleep in the first area and then drop boulders on him for 3,500 damage per boulder.


Jeez? How much health does it have?

Also, how does slashing ammo work? Is it basically just an kind alternate poison? I know how bleeding works on players, but is it the same on monsters?


He has a fair bit, BUT, if you’re able to get both those boulders and a few sleep Mega Barrel Bombs on him in the first phase you can basically skip the second phase and head straight to the third. it requires the right sort of set, but I’ve got one that can put him to sleep 3 times in the first phase whilst using less than 30 sleep coatings.

IIRC slashing ammo is literally just ammo that deals slashing damage, so it lets you cut off tails. I believe that when you hit a monster with it there’s a slight delay and then they get hit several times from that shot with slashing damage. i don’t believe it inflicts bleed.


Oh, that’s boring. Though pretty useful for chopping off tails and such. Thank you.


I think it’s more powerful than I made it sound, since it has been nerfed in a previous patch.