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Monster hunter generations is coming soon link below!

######I am so exited for this hopefully I can get back into monster hunter with this! Maybe they will even have an exclusive new 3ds normal for this so I don’t feel bad for myself for missing the pokemon one! I am waiting for them to announce a bundle before I pre-order it

Monster hunter been around for ages!
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Monster Hunter Generations
Hunting Parties: A Monster Hunter Thread
Monster Hunter Generations
have they announced cookie monster as the first boss in any of these yet


… ಠ_ಠ wat?


well isnt it about a game of hunting monsters so therefore cookie monster needs to be hunted


he doesn’t fit the description of being bada*s and menacing


yeah he does he throws cookies at you and hes like ‘’ cookie cookie cookie cookie’’


You can say badass.


we can think about it when he looks like this

or this

or even this

@Shunty no I must stay family friendly






see how scary of a first boss he could be


The only problem is that the game was only out in japan and they aren’t making a lot of differences so I highly doubt they won’t be adding anything ha!


but what if throws milk on you and you cant use any attacks because your worried about your gear


that doesn’t make any sense…


your worried about the stain ruining your jacket or something and it will make it smel bad


I am pretty sure they don’t care they pick up dung so…


why would thet do that .-.


to make dung bombs to scare monsters away


why do that when you could distract them with a cookie


cuz cookies don’t exist in the mh universe