Monster/Hunter Tweaks

WHAT IF…Monsters and Hunters got rewarded for great play? Sure you do that now…but let me give you an example of what I really mean by looking at now one of my favorite assaults.

Lenny-I love the fact that I’m rewarded for consecutive hits on the monster! Now she is rewarded by damage but what else is important other than pure damage? Jet pack recharge, Accuracy, Reload time. Why doesn’t every character have some sort of mechanic that allows for this type of reward granted from simply doing your job? Perhaps this isn’t skill you say. perhaps that’s a contradiction to what I’m writing in general right? I mean I just said you get rewarded for doing what you’re suppose to be doing…Well I feel like it’s slightly deeper than that at times. See, some assaults don’t have the aim that I do or the anticipation I do. At times that’s what it takes to get that 4x lance hit more than once. I mean as sad as that sounds some simply miss the monster even though this skill is fairly easy to NOT miss. But there are times where a lesser assault would have not choose the exact moment I did to jet pack forward and hit because I guessed a leap was coming from Goliath. That allowed me to get 3 more solid 4X lance hits in after that before he finally shook me.

Monster time-
Wraiths Supernova granted a larger zone of effect Times 2 (Random number) stamina regeneration and the longer she stayed in it the more damage she could potentially do. Starting off with little and adding every connecting hit dealing slightly more and more damage.

Nowadays I’m liking more and more the idea of those of us who are really good at landing our attacks in quick secession getting rewarded with some kind of either damage buff or resistance or Cool down reduction. SOMETHING to reward solid play that, given enough time, can widdle down the hunters defenses or the monsters. I feel like this could be a way to help separate the Pros from the Joes among other things.

Prob be OP but whateves. Thanks for reading!

They’re already separated. Joes get stomped and Pros destroy monsters in this hunter favored meta.


Yeah. To bad. I mean when I’m with my crew we win more often than not though. It’s just that games nowadays expect/want matchmaking to do the work of getting a team together for them. This type of game though really doesn’t benefit from matchmaking due to the amount of difficulty it takes to bring down good monsters. Noobs get frustrated and just leave. Big issue not going to unpack it here.

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I’ll take a stab at it.

Monster has 3 skill plateaus:

  • pubstomper
  • contend with equally skilled hunters in a balanced meta
  • contend with equally skilled hunters in the current meta

Hunter has 2 or more skill plateaus:

  • communicate and coordinate
  • other levels

The problem is that the monster pubstomper plateau is lower than the hunter communicate and coordinate. Given an ideal supply of new hunters and new monsters, new monsters will achieve satisfying games before hunters do; while hunters will endure discouraging losses which don’t necessarily educate them on what they did wrong (indeed, the monsters seem OP to them).

Of course, we don’t have an ideal supply, so newish hunters are pit against more experienced monsters, exacerbating the problem because they’re definitely at pubstomper skill level and probably can contend with coordinated hunter team in a (theoretical) balanced meta.

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