Monster/Hunter strategies

Title says all. Please denote if the strategy is for Monster or Hunters. (Example; [M] or [H]. Just make sure it describes which it it’s for.)

@Quirkly I just KNOW you got some little tricks with monster. Don’t hide from me. You annihilated me in game once. XD

Hush now, I only know stuff and things about Goliath, he’s my baby. It really depends on what type of strategy you want, I got a usual build, a mobile build, a stage 1 “You shall die” build (I’ve been using that one a lot ;p)
Whatcha wanna know bruh?

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Are you looking for basic strategies or more advanced ones? Anything specific, just general stuff?

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@MidnightRoses See my last reply.

My mind…it craves strategies…and I must satisfy it…also cuz I can’t win no matter what I play as.

Uh…Well there’s a lot to talk about, but seeing as you got the game recently I’ll start with the more basic stuff.

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OK. C:

I crave strategies… +.+

[M] Goliath

Good Stage 1 cheese map is ths bird cage map. 3 points rockthrow damage 15% and then you rush the buff from the tyrant at the spawn eat some types of wildlife and you will have around 4-5 amr when the hunters drop. Worked for me really often :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah gotcha.
Monster: Goliath.
Usual build: Feed Speed Perk (I luv it)
Stage 1- 1 Fire Breathe, 1 Leap Smash, 1 Charge (lots of mobility, I like running and this ensures I can stay running. Just don’t expect to win a lot of fights.)
Stage 2- Slam every point into Rock Throw, Lvl 3 Rock is a hard hitter and proves useful in any and all situations. (Have the staying power to bring the fight to the hunters, but all damage relies heavily upon you being able to hit with the Rock. Bit risky.)
Stage 3- 3 Fire breathe, 3 Rock Throw, 2 charge, 1 leap smash (utter carnage, I kinda tear things up, but I hardly reach S3 cuz Stage 2 wins are my usual)
This build is useful in a wide variety of situations, Lvl 3 Rock can outdamage the rate at which Caira can heal herself, can overload Hanks shield, and can be used to down big wildlife quickly for heavy noms.
Sometimes I’ll change it to 1 fire breathe, 3 leap smash, if its Hank, because Hanks shield faulters in the face of burst damage.
I’ll be back with my other builds (eventually) cuz rn I’m teh busy
Edit: Lol I almost forgot, I never ever sneak because Carrion birds are D-bags and give me away right off the bat, so just run like a maniac and eat whatever you can

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Run the hell away and eat. Shove your face full of food. Just cram it in and don’t stop until you’re full. Keep a constant nostril out for the Hunters, look for cues, and when you see them, juke. It’s even possible to juke a Daisy with ease if you know how.Sneak to the other end of the map and, if you aren’t prepped to Evolve, stealth feed until you can. At Stage Two, you go loud. No more hide and seek. As soon as your armor bar is full, fight. Aim for strikes. Escape before they start doing health damage and re-armor. Rinse and repeat.

Stage Three is your last resort.

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[M] - if you see Abe as the trapper then lead some false tracks at the start and then sneak in the opposite direction until you’ve broken line of sight of drop landing.

From there don’t feed on anything less than 3 meat wildlife to minimize your chance of carrion birds; ideally you should make your way to a cave so you can feed on anything without worrying about carrion birds (a good Abe will likely go for the caves though).

Abe usually means a free Stage 2 as long as you avoid carrion birds.

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[M] - if you’re being tracked by Abe’s dart, Bucket’s UAV or even Cabot’s dust tag then use this time to your advantage!!

The trapper will likely be trying to cut you off like mad so keep ‘smelling’ and try to determine when the hunters are split up… if the trapper is split up then you’ll have some time to surprise attack the others and hopefully get a strike or two before you’re even domed.

And if you’ve already downed one of them and the trapper still decides to dome you then laugh at them and wreck face. Because now the hunters are trapped in there with you :wink:

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I mostly play as Hank since he seems to be my specialty. Anything on him?

As Hank you wanna land that orbital, and sometimes it can be rough, what i noticedvthar works is

  1. just shield everyone and get really annoying to the point the monster decides to deal with you and drop it at your feet

  2. some monsters like to focus one hunter down at a time so save the orbital for when he pins a hunter on the wall, monsters usually arent moving anywhere when the have a hunter in this situation so you will land a nice orbital to break that up

Always be across from the medic, try to use you cloak preemptively because the last thing you wanna do is cloak a low hunter and then they get hit by a blind swipe or skill, try to only shield big skills , and remember that you deal good damage and you are not playing a full hank if you are only shielding.

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As Goliath, I always look for the largest cave on any given map to base my activities around. Hit level 2 and try to lure the hunters back to said cave. If they’re dumb enough to dome you in there (they won’t be able to do anything to you outside with Hyde gas grenades covering such a small are) then you’ve effectively won.

Their mobility will be decreased almost to non-existance, and their only really able to engage you by moving back-forth in a straight line which leaves very narrow windows of escapes and fire. Your flame breath will be the ultimate tool to victory and charge suddenly becomes almost impossible to avoid.

Once I learnt to look for this as my ideal fighting ground I started winning a lot more matches, I wasn’t really a monster player until a couple of weeks ago when I got bored of relying on random teams to enjoy this game. I always make it a policy to hit stage 2 and seek the hunters out since this makes it a fair fight in my eyes and I’ve been on the other end of that running little wuss monster enough times to know that’s what kills the fun in the game for the hunters.

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So, strategies huh? I don’t even know where to begin. most of this advice has been for monster so lets get some hunter knowledge in here.
As Hank, you are basically the definition of support. Your main job is the shield, not the barrage, not the laser, but the shield. Don’t always just spam it out right away use it strategically to block heavy attacks such as a rock throw or a lightning strike, both of which give you plenty of time as a warning. Stay somewhere out of the fight if possible up on a cliff or building. ideally, assault will be the only one in harms way but a smart monster knows how to pick targets so don’t expect a free ride if you are blocking all of the monsters main attacks. the orbital barrage does very very good damage if you catch a monster in place for a few seconds but this isn’t easy to set up, it’s more waiting for the right time. Don’t be like an AI Hank and just drop your orbital the moment you see the monster that’s a huge waste of potential damage. Good times to use it would be if the monster is camping a body, or as soon as he starts to charge an attack that holds him in place for a second or two like a lava bomb or drop one where a wraith abducts from and she’ll be helpless to avoid going right back into the middle of it. If you have hank on your team you want to try to fight in open environments (not caves) so that the barrage can actually be used, and where there are a few high points for him to perch on with a view of everyone else (much like a medic). Once the shield is gone the laser cutter is very accurate with good range and decent damage it’s great for hitting heads and weak points as well and if the monster is being more defensive than offensive go ahead and deal as much damage as you can with it. good perks for hank would be capacity increase as this makes the shield better and the laser cutter fire longer before needing a recharge. otherwise, quick switch is a good choice if you like to keep active and be able to fire more often with enough time to react to heavy attacks for shielding or dropping that perfect orbital.

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I like to save my orbitals for when a teammate goes down, but I’ve used it before in both of your scenarios and it works nicely :slight_smile:

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Someone give me another hunter I’ve mastered the first twelve legitly like online matches only so i like to think i have some pretty solid strategies for them and some decent ones for the new hunters as well, although the only mastery I’ve fully completed there is Torvald.

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