Monster - Hunter mod idea


You know I’m just throwing this out there.

Can fly or at least glide great distances.
Ability: Grab-and-throw. I think the ability to take a hunter and throw them away from the group could be useful. You’d be able to throw enemies into hoard of other monsters. Use it to get away. You could also disorient and isolate the player for a second, which could be valuable.
Ability 2: Camouflage. Change the pigments to temporarily match the environment. To make it harder to spot. Not quite invisible, but close enough.
Ability 3: Fire projectile fire/energy bolts.
Ability 4: Tail pierce. Armor piercing melee attack that deals extra/critical damage.

Class: Assault
Weapon 1: Basic arm cannon. Fires your standard energy burst.
Weapon 2: Power Bomb. Drops a bomb near the character. Takes a few seconds to fire off.
Weapon 3: Missile Launcher. Standard missile launcher.

Just saying. It’d be awesome.