Monster - Hunter Interaction


What does everyone think about the addition of more tools for monster players to harass, intimidate and build suspense between them and the hunters that is outside of traditional combat? People play as the monsters not just to win and have huge powers, but also to try to give a hair raising experience to whoever is on the other end of the line.

Ideas to get the conversation rolling to spice up monster / hunter interaction:

  1. Monster scary auditory taunts that can be heard from long distance (even if monster location is unknown) that players can customize to intimidate the hunters roaming around, but don’t give away monster position.
  2. Monster intimidating visual taunts that can be used when the monster runs into the hunters like scraping at the ground, breathing fire into the air, etc.
  3. Monster melee scrapes on rocks / terrain that light up to hunters the same way monster tracks do, to express the monster’s size and power and build the suspense as the hunters are tracking it around prior to combat.
  4. Consider adding a dice roll chance that on the character selection screen, the hunters WON’T be shown what monster they will be deploying to fight, so that it is scarier when they first run into it and they need to learn to look for tracking signs for a variety of monster types to try to identify what they are up against and which way to go.
  5. Voice-overs for monster players that allow microphone input to be twisted around by a filter (like a Mr. Microphone, different filter for each monster) and projected in a scary way in the game so monster loving players can make custom sounds to mess with the hunters chasing them. Consider the pros/cons of making the sound give away the monster’s position. Pros would be that a mic-wear monster player would be forced to be silent themselves when trying to sneak around so as not to give away their location, which would make them feel more in the role. Cons would be that monster players may feel more liberal in talking to and trying to scare the hunters if they know their position won’t be jeopardized.
  6. Ground tremble / screen shake / soft controller vibrate experienced by hunters when monster player does large impact items (even from far away when monster location is unknown) such as jump off a cliff, charge across the ground, or evolve.
  7. Different version of sneak attack that only pins hunter to ground, and forces pinned hunter’s camera POV to see monster right up in their face sniffing and growling at them. Used by monster players to show dominance / intimidation.

You can see the theme here. Monster-loving players want to “feel” the role, and hunters want to hunt the most authentic, personalized, scary monster experience possible.

Reply with your own ideas that would be fun for the Turtle Rock guys to consider!



I get where you are coming from but some of this is excessive and not really needed, or already in the game somewhat and he just does them automatically 4 and 5 won’t happen for numerous reasons. 6 I agree with totally, it already does these somewhat but not enough. 7 would annoy me when I am playing hunter, and I think the reasons they did this the way they did make sense enough already.

That being said I think one of the things I would love to see is cooler finishings, I mean when the monster dies for example it literally just ragdolls on the spot. Wouldn’t it be cool to give it a quick ending cinematic or scene/sequence to trigger that varies on your crew? Maybe a cool finish and a brief banter.

Of course as the monster it would be awesome if he literally just ate someone, or like crushed them in his hand at the end of the sneak attack animation - down/fatal, or whenever they could sneak them in.

There really did seem to be a lack of dramatic flair to it, they nailed down everything in between, I just think some polish to flesh out the games visual and “Oh shit” moments a bit more.