Monster Hunt (Solution for running)



I’ve played Evolve since launch a couple of days now and I like it a lot. So I got online and checked the forums a bit to see what the word is. What strikes me is that a lot of people are complaining about Monsters running sometimes. I really don’t get this as seeking out and trapping your Prey is an integral part of hunting (in real life). Even so if you don’t like it, there are other game modes like defend that are based on more aggressive types of gameplay.

Furthermore this simply is the best strategy for the Monster at stage one or after you lose your armor, if you’ve played the Monster you should know this. If you played the tutorial videos you will learn that Turtle Rock even suggests running in their advanced tactics videos. If the hunters can’t capture the monster, then that’s their fault. A good trapper is vital in this issue, various tactics are sound, I will not diverge in this.

I do have a suggestion for a solution: Health regenerates on the Monster by eating, and Armor is only filled after a successful Evolve and cannot be refilled. This solves the running away and gives you an incentive to fight first, run second. It also solves the issue of getting damaged while evolving and not being able to do anything.

But I would suggest this for a game mode called Death Match or so, because it really isn’t supposed to be the main gameplay type.


I’ve read this 3x and still don’t understand. Are you advocating for fighting as soon as the hunters drop? or are you advocating for the monster to run the entire match without sneaking and try to Evolve before the hunters catch up with his B line tracks?

Badass Evolve Monster Vids


As I said in the other thread with the exact same topic five threads down on the list:
If the monster does this he’s going to be facing a hunter team with no strikes at the relay (which is almost always a favorable spot for hunters). Depending on how aggressive the hunters are in preventing eating and evolution, the monster may also run the risk of losing by timer.

Avoiding the entire game is a bad strategy that will get you some very frustrating losses once you’re playing good hunters. When you’ve got armor and see an opportunity during the chase you have to go for those incaps.


Apparently more aggressive gameplay is what certain players want. I am blaming CoD in this demand for run-and-gun gameplay styles.


I am not suggesting running all the time I am simply suggesting a Tweak for a more aggressive Game Mode.