Monster HitBoxs seem broken

for those of you that dont know what a hitbox is (please dont comment at all if you dont know what it is), a hitbox is the thing that is actually telling the game “youve been hit”. It is an invisible box around an attack. The interaction between a Hitbox and a Hurbox (hurtbox is your body) is what determines wether you have been hit or not.

Now lets get down to it.

Obvious moves with hitbox issues-
Vortex - i see it coming, dash to the left/right or simply do nothing because its obvious its not going to hit me, still get hit. Hitbox is clearly way larger than the animation.
Pounce (all monsters) - this could be an issue of lag/hunter hurtboxs, but i think its the monsters hitbox. anyone else notice how you can get pounced from stupid distances away and the monster doesnt even touch your body at all? you just sort of magically move into him. like hes the big bad wolf, but in reverse, and hes sucking you in with this lung power or something.


it’s all client sided.

So if on the monster’s pc the vortex hits you, then the vortex hits you. If on the monster’s pc he pounces you, then you get pounced.

based on this though its all one sided in favor of the monster then.

also i highly doubt this is the issue because i never notice this problem with the other abilities. like Lightning, or the energy balls, if i see them, and i dodge them, i actually dodge them.

same with rock throw, leap smash, even fire breath.

i think these 2 abilities have issues.

Vortex: Did you dodge the black outline? I used to think i dodged but got caught on the literal edge of it
Pounce: Pounce is weird, definitely think the hitbox should be tweaked a bit, but also the monster is rather large so the hitbox is also large but eh just guessin

vortex - nah i mean, like, he aimed it wrong, like its wayyyy off course, so i dont even need to dodge, but somehow i still get hit. the hitbox is going way farther out than the animation.

pounce - i agree. i get pounced often from really far away and watch my character fall to the ground in that pounce animation, then slide (while on the ground) into the hands of the monster, because the monster is no where near my body

I will admit, i have noticed that vortex has gotten really really hard to dodge, but idk, maybe its just a bug.
As for pounce, that is a latency issue ive had before (my internet kinda sucks) me and my brother were playing and i got pounced and it did the whole slidy thing on my screen but on his it was totally fine

The devs have already said that hunters have bigger hit/hurtboxes than they actually are, because they were hard to hit and it lead to frustration as the monster player so basically when a pounce happens the its the very generous hit box rather than latency, though that is the cause sometimes

So you tell people not to comment if they don’t know what it is, then tell everyone what it is? Alrighty then.

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i get people constantly commenting on technical things when they have no knowledge or understanding of what they are commenting on. i also try to explain things so people will know more about it. but i didnt explain everything. just a general overall explanation so people that dont know can still read this thread and follow along.

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hitboxes are fine - its the “invisible box” (actually there are tons of those) on any monster part that can be hit.

what seem to be not fine is the detection - it seem to be a client/serverside mix of both. Sometimes you can throw a rock into a person: ( <- Remove ++++ to make Link work)

and theres nothing happening but its not because of the hitbox. its the detection. i really think it is a mix from both server and clientside hitregistration.

but im not sure exactly what and how this entire thing works because i dont see the code and even if i would - i dont have any clue what to do with that.

it also can be caused due to a bug at all? we dont know - only devs can find this out but ive seen this happening ALOT of times now.