Monster hitboxes


Not sure if this was mentioned, but for now I realized when playing vs Metero Goliath, the ability to throw rocks is insanely broken, as in the hitboxes are way bigger than the actual rock itself. I often notice that when I fly high in the air and the rock gets thrown at me, I can see it explode 10 meters away from me and then dealing damage to me. Also when trying to dodge it and when I actually see I dodged it, it still explodes 10 or even more meters away and deals damage.

I first thought maybe it’s just ping so I’m having issues, but my ping and connection was fine, so I’m guessing it could be the hitboxes on the ability to throw rocks. Any confirmation on that?


Well there is splash damage with rocks and 10 meters in game is actually pretty small

Also Bots are known to throw Heat Seeking Rocks, just ask @GrizzleMarine :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea, it’s okay if the rock gets thrown next to me on the ground and does splash damage, but when I’m high in the air and I can see it “hit” me 10m in front of my face, like I literally see the rock break and do damage to me 10-15m away from me. It shouldn’t do that lol