Monster help?


I usually fancy myself to be a decent, pretty good Monster. I can usually finish a fight against the Hunters with little no health gone and still have a good bit or armor on me, regardless of which monster I play…for the most part. During the Hyde challenge and later on during a bot practice (as I usually play against bots, hence why I don’t think I’m an AMAZING Monster, but decent enough to excel in pubs. None of my friends play Evolve QQ), I noticed that my Wraith game has dropped like a rock.

The thing is, it’s not about stealth. I can get to Level 3 with minimal contact, and fight pretty well when I am caught, but I still get the crap beaten out of me as Wraith. Does anybody have good tips for fighting as Wraith? Especially during relay fights?

The bot team I use as Wraith is Slim, Bucket, Griffin, Markov, as I think that’s a strong team focused on defeating Wraiths, but my other “Anti” teams don’t do the damage this bot group does, so it’s definitely something I’M doing, not the bots.


Wraith, and similarily Behemoth, are NOT good relay fighters. Your strength lies in staying at Stage 2 as long as possible and only evolving to stage 3 if you need the health or the Hunters are camping the relay instead of trying to fight you.

Wraith in general needs to really use Warp Blasts to move around. Don’t use 3 in a row. Space them out so you are like a delayed jittery flash of light. It is more disorientating to use one once in a while instead of all 3 at once, which is what most people do. Decoy and Supernova are… subpar and WB is a tad too good. So any stage 2 build must have 3 points in WB. 3 WB and then 3 Abduct is a VERY common build.


I actually manage pretty well in Behemoth Relay Fights. But thanks for the Wraith info. I’ve never really thought about Stage 2 fights, I always feel much safer at Stage 3 :confused:


Best way to pick apart a team that does not have a defensive support in hank or sunny is to go for the trapper. Down penalties on the trapper mean you can get out of combat whenever you want to. Slim is not a very good medic vs Wraith and I can’t say if the AI plays him well. He will go down fast if you go hard on him. Honestly I have no idea why people would have difficulty playing against the bots.


i wrecked a team as wraith i put 3 points in supernova by stage two and only 1 point in decoy at stage 1 for the whole game. I had like 22,000 damage with Supanova by the end of the game and I joined in progress too, they thought they were gonna wreck a stage 1 computer


I typically try to pick apart the team with an Abduct Snipe, but Griffin catches me. Maybe that’s where I need to change things up for now, because I’ve certainly done much better in relay fights as Wraith before.

I’ve never EVER had trouble taking down bots. I mainly use them for practicing dodging, trying new loadouts or just playing the game for the sake of playing the game, the last of which I do often. Something about playing online…irks me. I don’t get mad or anything, because it’s really fun and exhilirating when I do play, but something about waiting before all that fun just kills me.

When I had my bad round I figured I needed to ask for help. This just seems like a rough patch of late, and I’m hoping that the Evolve community can help get rid of it faster. I mean, when I do go online, I still encounter teams of 3 or 4 people, all level 40, all working together, and I can still come out on top with only a bar of HP or two gone.


If you attempt to abduct snipe Griffin he wont be able to harpoon you to stay near their team unless you miss. He should be your number one target on a team with a bucket/cabot and a non Lazaurus medic. Down penalties on the trapper of a cabot/bucket, non laz medic team are extremely useful as they allow you disengage when your armor goes down and the support is virtually unable to prevent you from downing the medic/trapper.

Other than that, I would need to know what you are doing wrong. Taking too much damage in domes? Overcommitting to fights? Not killing people fast enough? Using a poor build? Not making proper use of wraith’s traversal? ETC


Well, I will walk you through what I normally try to do. I think much of it is overcommitment or simply unable to pack on enough damage. My online fight was very similar to this bot fight

Eyeing the relay on MedLab. Smell tells me where Hunters are but not which is which. Go for the Abduct Snipe and its Slim. Griffin harpoons me pronto and I am drawn into the fight. Cut the Harpoon, go for the Warp Blast, it does good damage but Slim makes it hard to focus on him or Griffin. Markov starts doing damage, Decoy and flee for more armor.

Come back. They are healed to normal.
Focus hard on Slim. Get the strike on him and try to keep the others off him. It works but all that camping cost me health. Start focusing in Griffin while swatting at Bucket and Markov gnats. Rinse and repeat, Griffin is down. Sloppily finish Bucket and Markov.

Decoy is virtually useless once this group starts attacking you. Maybe I should alter it.

My current load out us
3 WB, 2 Abduct, 2 Decoy, 2 SN

EDIT: Almost forgot, I like to be in midair as long as possible as Wraith, so I can find who I want to focus first.

The online comp I fought was Caira, Cabot, Griffin and Hyde.


Well, Wraith is sort of the ONLY MONSTER I DON’T PLAY ATM, but for Relay fights it is all about positioning.


You can tell from certain distances. Outlines are fairly indicative.

You don’t always need to abduct snipe to accomplish things.

He doesn’t have enough healing to heal through hard focus, especially not against a Wraith. Supports can cloak away while getting bugged but the trapper doesn’t have that benefit unless the support can get over to the trapper to cloak him. If you sac your first health bar for your first trapper down penalty, that is fine. If you are getting a bit disoriented by the spore clouds, warp out to figure out where the trapper is currently located. I can only really tell you here what you should be able to accomplish, because I still don’t really know what you are doing wrong. This isn’t a difficult task, you should be able to collect a down penalty against a trapper in a bucket slim team as a stage 3 Wraith. It isn’t even difficult against a cabot/caira team.

I completely ignore supernova now days and go 3 abduct and 3 decoy, prioritizing warp blast and abduct at stage 1 and 2. I take faster traversal recharge as my perk.

Never decoy when you are in the line of fire. You need about a second or two to move around sufficiently to an area where they wont be able to guess your location.


Alrighty, thanks. I will practice this weekend and see if I do better. It would probably help to desert SN because I rarely use it. MAYBE its a rough patch, because I have done fine against that team in different situations. Time will tell


Why is Behemoth a bad relay fighter? I find it pretty easy


I’ve been loving Wraith since I quit using Decoy. People might call me dumb since it’s her signature move, but 3 points abduction and 3 points warp blast at stage 2 can lead to beautiful combos. You have to rely on your own mobility and hit and run tactics, using your small frame to break line of sight constantly and with ease. Movement speed is generally my go to perk if I don’t use Ability cooldown, you can be anywhere you want easily. I only go stage 3 if I need to, or if they drag the match out, and I personally don’t like supernova unless it has 3 points in it. Once it does you can tear through any shield with it, the abduction -> warp blast -> supernova combo destroys anybody.


A couple of relays, sure. But most Hunters will be away from the relay. If you go after the relay they shoot you. So you are forced to engage them. A lot of maps have areas where the Hunters don’t have close quarters and can easily fly around and stay mobile. Behemoth works well in close quarters and these maps make it very hard for Behemoth to get to anyone. For instance, the Relay on Fusion Plant. Most good Hunter teams will camp outside the building where there is a lot of open flat area. This is bad for Behemoth.


Abusing terrain and using the environment against the hunters is key with the Wraith however you can only do this S1 or more than likely S2. The first thing I do after going S2 is find a decent perk if I don’t already have one, then find a spot you’re comfortable with: lots of areas to break LOS, plentiful aggressive wildlife, etc. Then lay in wait and try to ambush a lone hunter with pounce. So many times after I intentionally startle birds do I see the hero trapper come running over to dome me, unaware to the fact that hes 60+ meters from the nearest teammate, that’s a free strike; and honestly that should be your overall goal at S2. Not necessarily to win in one encounter, its to build up strikes for when you might be forced to go to the relay.


Took another whack at the Wraith again, with a similar makeup, replaced Markov with Hyde

It went a good bit better, I only lost about a bar and a half of HP.
Ran a different load out, using 3 WB, 3 Abduct, 2 SN, 1 Decoy.
I think my major issue is I am not focusing with Wraith like I do the other monsters. I will play her again after this Behemoth round and see if I do better again.

EDIT: Just ran the same team, on Broken Hill Mine. Crap match. Even focusing on Griffin, Hyde was melting through my armor and health. The bots perfect timing shields with Hyde made me want to spit. Slim kited so easily, the bot new to just run. Didn’t fire his leech gun, and its dark as hell in there. Just moved forward and followed the spontaneous bursts of spore clouds. Bucket wasn’t an issue.

Ran the same team against Goliath, Kraken and Behemoth, beat them easily, so I guess I have to keep trying with Wraith

EDIT 2: Didn’t lose any HP on the third round! I played very aggressively but only until I got strikes. On some hunters. Then I’d retreat, grab some more armor, come back. Rinse and repeat! Draws the fights out a but, but it also helped to herd Buckets Sentries away from the relay