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I played evolve today and last weekend. I did solo mode just to practice, and I played monster only. Monsters I played with were Goliath, meteor Goliath, and Kraken. I’m not very good, and I’m trying to improve. I can make it to stage 3 just fine, but when I try to target the reactor core, all the hunters swarm me like flies, and I can’t focus the supports or medics down, and the assaults keep piling damage on me. It’s especially infuriating because I cannot even beat bots, and I only won once as Goliath. Does anyone have advice to make me a scary monster?

Also, Hunters I especially dislike are Lennox, all the trappers in general. What are good monsters that counter them, and that aren’t too hard? Again I’ve only tried the easy monsters: Goliath, m Goliath, and kraken.

I consider kraken to be one of the hardest monsters, elder kraken and behemoth I think are the best starting monsters. when playing against bots I would say customizing the team into the easiest one possible and generally running till stage three is your best bet. Assuming you are new to the game. Focusing on one monster is a good idea I consider. If you have one once as goliath I would say you should focus on him and then expand from there.

What would you say is the easiest possible team comp?

That’s not necessarily a good thing…

Depends on the monster. Goliath, that’d be a DOT comp; Renegade Abe for Assault, A trapper that isn’t Jack or either Griff. An offensive support (easier downs).

I’m assuming Stage 2.

Like I said in the other thread:

As far as how to play monster, I suggest uploading a vid of how you play. Each monster plays vastly different from eachother.

Go back to basics.
First: Keep moving. Feed only on one or two things then move on to the next part of your feeding rout.
Second: Keep an eye on your ass. Don’t be afraid to double-back either, sometimes a game of cat and mouse is what you want.
Third: Don’t be afraid to be aggressive. If you see one of them get into your smell range, often times, especially with console players, they’re alone and 100+ meters away from their team. That means an easy down, and the down is very valuable on a trapper who controls the dome. You can also catch them off-guard by playing like that as most players aren’t expecting a deliberate stage one fight.
Fourth: Gun for the trapper. Trapper=Dome. No trapper, no dome.
Fifth: At stage 2, armor up and go hunt them down. Don’t run. Then you can go after other people.

^What matters is situational awareness. Let’s say for instance, the Assault gets too trigger happy and gets in your face a bit too much and you take out 3/4 of their health pool unintentionally, you can get a down if you turn on them.

Keep an eye on what’s going on around you, but do zero in on one hunter, usually the Support or Medic.

Kraken’s bugged out the Wazoo, don’t play him unless you just want some punishment. His Lightning Strike doesn’t match the graphic on-screen and you can miss about 80% of the time if you’re moving it.

I’m summoning @deanimate as our resident Goliath expert that is still playing the game to my knowledge. If you were playing Wraith, Bob (behemoth), or Gorgon, I could help you beyond basics.

Actually I play legacy evolve.

Also, isn’t initiating a fight as stage one monster kind of a death sentence?

No, especially if you play your cards right.

9 times out of 10, especially in Legacy where all of the players were Veterans, I was far more successful with zeroing in on the player who screwed up and was 100+ meters from his/her team without jetpack after the dome came down (that often times is the trapper).

It matters on how you play.

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Sure people have already made good comments but try and watch some peoples game play. I remember wayyy back when I thought I was alright at Goliath until I watched @deanimate and learnt so much.

He has Legacy gameplay if you go far back.

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Sounds like someone needs coaching with cow :db_stealth_kappa:

Tricking hunter paths and well overall keeping it serious. watch my sneaks, backtracks and more.

previous match a guy named biggished or something said I was using cheap perks… So I responded in this game.

A lot of people HATE how I play monsters and think I should LOSE because of my skill level. what they don’t see is I’m thinking like a monster when I play… I don’t play human vs human… I play a predator game mindset. While it looks weak I am actually just timing and estimating everything I need.

The community here though really helped. I used to be a Controller player, and tired of the scrutiny and wanting better aim I ask the community here to critique me as I learned KB. I posted a series of videos and they in turn were really nice and helped me get my style to a evolved state…

So I think your on the right path, Think like a monster(animal play), work with the community and really listen. I usually have a debate side to me that just pops out and I will take any side… but during that time… I listened and I worked on it. and well the TRS community made me an better player overall.

/emotional moment.


Nice comeback! :wraith:

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ahhh thank you!

Sometimes its takes a lifebar to figure out who needs to go down in what way ya know?

(lol yeah, I did overextend about halfway in … )

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Oh I just found the fight from the match before.

OH this is what it was… I was in arena, I did have the shield regen perk here, but they said I couldn’t win without it basically so next fight I went wraith and my standard perks to prove a point …LOL

I think I used the perk because the arena mode… the shield regen perk (hate arena mode)

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I never would’ve managed to survive the way you did. You came back from having a sliver of a health bar to completely dominating the hunters!

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Those guys were really salty huh.

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They deserved the loss if they were stupid enough to follow you, honestly. Who the hell follows a Stage 3 wraith without a dome to trap it? They didn’t have crow or Kala.

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Yeah, shifting to a bit sky wraith and pluck and grab mode was a whole new tempo I had to take. If they had a crow… If I didn’t down him as priority… I could of lost so easily at that point.

ahh Crow… you and your annoying monster ticker of a weapon is sooooooooo pesky. May the wildlife bring you down with but a simple mistake in front of a plant…

Yeah, but I ran into it a lot and sometimes. its just really fun and other times your like why?

I think I’m going to start up again real quickly here and just get into it… I’m curious how I have evolved in my style once I get going again.

For some comparison here’s how I play…

Same monster, just different perks and extremely aggressive playstyle, Albeit, its against noobs.
Perks are: Feed/Dmg/Traversal.

Oh yeah this was a while ago, but when I tried playing kraken and elder kraken, that ability where you kinda send lightning bolts all around you seems to not work properly. In the introductory vid with the woman telling you how to play them, the ability appeared to let kraken/elder kraken emit bolts of lightning around him. I used that ability, and it seemed to do nothing at all. Is that normal?

was it after shock/chain lighting? If so then a hunter needs to be in range.