Monster Heavy Melee - Can You Do It On Command? (Regarding Upcoming Micropatch)


In the upcoming micropatch notes: “Goliath, Kraken and Wraith melee stamina auto fill time now set to 3 seconds (Was quicker before though it varied per monster. This controls how quickly another heavy hit can be used when pausing between melee attacks. This will have no affect on what attacks are used when constantly melee attacking.)”

Despite having played the crap out of this game this puzzles me a bit. Is there a method to performing a heavy melee attack on command that I’m not aware of? I know that every third swing or so when constantly meleeing performs a heavy hit, but how do you “use” a heavy melee without spamming melee attacks or, say, swinging while in mid-leap with Goliath?


yes if you attack, traverse then attack it will be another heavy. idk if that new patch change will change that.


Is this the only way? You must melee, traverse, and then melee?

@MacMan @MaddCow Do the experts have any input?


sodium. lots of salt water sodium.


There are ways to… coax, or encourage, a heavy hit. However, I don’t want to bring them up because they are against the idea of the game as it is. Borderline exploit imo.


your first melee hit “against a hunter” is a heavy attack (otherwise 3rd on non hunters), and this resets every x seconds, so if you only attack every 3 seconds you will always get a heavy attack, which does more damage and stuns the target

previously this reset every second on goliath, which meant not attacking let you stun the hunter every second, allowing you to perma-stun when combined with powers, now you can’t spam heavy hits every second, and must wait three.

Notably, heavy, charge, heavy, power was 4 high damage stun attacks in a row that made it very hard for the hunters to escape, will now be heavy, charge, light which is escapable, then power, allowing the hunter to dodge attacks


Oh, neat! Never really noticed this before, but I’m definitely going to test it out.

Thanks for the input, everyone.