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May be worth adding this;

You can cancel a sneak-pounce by pressing the stealth button.


Assuredly so! Thank you very much for pointing this out, Lord Weh. I'll take care of adding it right away.
I haven't added it before because I didn't knew about it. I remember trying to cancel the pounce attack several times with no success, so I figured it was a trade-off that could not be unmade unless damaged.


Yeah, I was the same, I suggested maybe they could add a tip on the loading screen about it, I think many people will assume it cannot be cancelled. =D


Advanced tutorial ftw smile


This is absolutely fantastic, can't wait to see what changes during the beta and what info you get on the Wraith.

However, I found a few mistakes.

1: There can most definitely be more than 3 Elite Wildlife on the map, I'm positive I saw at least 5 on one playthrough and one map I think I saw all of them.

2: Not necessarily a mistake, but the elite skin is now much different than the one displayed here.

3: Although recent ai changes have occurred, in the Alpha I remember daisy either stood in place and barked at the monster or ran in circles, she only ran from me when directly focused.

4: I feel Markov is a much higher threat than Hyde, but that was just from my experiences, so again not really a mistake.

Again, great job on the guide, and can't wait to see what's next.


Are we going to see an update for the beta?


I'm glad you liked it! smile
It's very important to me that people have fun reading this, and that they might improve their gaming, in whatever aspect it may help.

Well, I'd have to talk to a developer about the actual limitations, as this might have changed since the Big Alpha, but I believe that if you found more than 3 Elites at the map, it's because the Hunters themselves killed some of these, and others respawned in their place, of a different kind (since Elites of the same kind don't respawn), or at least that's how far I came to understand it. If we come to learn it is any different, I'll definitively change it.

Yes, the Elite skins became much, much different, I simply haven't come to update them yet. In fact, I intended to update the guide with the new skins soon, and it will probably be my last update for a while.

If you are hiding or standing still, Daisy will do that which you said. If you are attacking the Hunters, or Daisy herself, she'll try and stay a good distance from you unless she really needs to revive someone. Again, changes might have occurred since the Alpha, and I believe she's even smarter now and might come to act somewhat differently at times.

Any class with a good player behind it is most powerful, definitely. Markov has a somewhat wider range of control, while Hyde, at least in the Alpha, hadn't as much, but his Flamethrower dealt damage even faster than Markov's Lightning Gun, which is why I regard him with a keen eye. Additionally, playing as the Kraken gives you a certain edge against Hyde. As I mentioned at the beginning of the Hunters section, however, you should focus foremost on the player that plays best with his class, which could be anyone.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Unlikely. The next and probably last update I'll make will be to add the new Elite Skins published here in the forum. If I were to make an update regarding the beta, it would have to be after the beta, which is when I'd have experienced the game in the next stage and would be ready to comment on its new features and characteristics. Unfortunately, I don't believe I'll be able to play the beta at all, and the full game even less, and if that happens, then the next update will be the last for a good deal of months. If I do get the chance to play them, then I'll surely update the Monster Guide on whatever is adequate.

I will be, however, adding the guide on the Steam Community, so people can check it while within the game or browsing the community, not just here.

EDIT: I just checked, and it is impossible to add any guides on the Steam Community on the game's current state (pre-order stage). Perhaps once it is added to people's library during the beta it will become available for changes, and I will then add the guide there.


The Monster Guide has been updated with the content from the PC Technical Test.

The Wraith has been added, as well as information about the third "tier" Hunters. Some general tips have been updated accordingly.

Additionally, we now have a logo for the guide!


Reading now, keep up the great work.

Edit. Glad Cabot is getting the respect he deserves.


wow absolutely amazing. I paid 7 pounds to get the "official" guide in which I was looking for THAT KIND OF STUFF. Don't get me wrong the official guide is pretty good but nothing compared to this. Mate You might want to make it PDF and perhaps attach it in graphically nice form as addition to some DLC. Something like that had place with Heroes of Might and Magic 5 where community made guide has been approved by devs and added as content on a disk with game. This is absolutely pure gold. I have a question though. I thought that strikes reset once the hunter gets killed and he drops from the ship. Does that mean that if I INCAPACITATE ...not even kill them 3 times they will always have decreased HP and die every time I strike them down/incapacitate them for the rest of the game??


Strikes can only reset with the Med Bay map perk. Otherwise they are permanent. (Except for Defend. Those strikes are removed after each dropship)


Thanks for your kind words, I appreciate them a lot. I'm always glad to hear that people are benefiting from this.

I have no say on distributing or even any kind of official attachment, but I did try to spread it on the most common platforms that I have access to. I published it here, and also on the Steam Community Guide section (though incomplete so far). Eventually I plan on updating this to a new level, I just, unfortunately, don't have the time to do it right now.
Sorry for the delayed response. As I had mentioned in the forum a couple of times, I'm a bit out of touch for the moment, though I have someone watching the forum for me in my absence.

Again, thanks for your input, and I hope it brings you many benefits!

Congratulations on becoming a moderator! It's well deserved! smile


Greetings i'm recent member here i took a look to your guide GoldenXan and it is awesome, but i was wondering if there is out there on the web free and available to whoever wants it, a guide about everything in Evolve? Like about tactics, what to do, when to do it both as Monster and Hunter...about the world that surrounds Evolve.

Sorry if it seems to much to ask i'm just trying to learn everything that i can about this great game.


Greetings sir!
I'm glad you liked it!

As a matter of fact there is, not a guide specifically but there's plenty of material scattered around the web.
For starters, I'd begin with As a wiki, it has plenty of information from various subjects in all kinds of levels. You'll find plenty of interesting things there, I'm sure.

Then there are a couple of forum topics right here (some of which you might actually find on wiki itself). For instance, I recommend the Evolve Hunter's Stories topic, which contains plenty of interesting material. Next, there's the Development of Evolve. While not always specifically game lore, it does bring plenty of details about the world here and there, and besides, it's awesome either way.

So these are the main topics I know here on the forum that can bring you what you seek. I hope you can satiate your curiosity with these sources. As of know, there's no Game World book or anything of the sort for Evolve, but who knows if there won't be one, one day?

Alright, on your route. Good luck mate, have fun!


Thank you so for the feedback GoldenXan sorry for the late reply. I still didn't had much time to dedicate myself to the game and next Friday i'm going off fo a week vacation from Uni and i will not game i want to have some rest. But meanwhile i'm going to read and "cultivate" myself about this game as much as i can.

The world of Evolve is an amazing one, i can be wrong but i think the lore is not as developed as it could be but the game is like 1 month old if i'm correct? I really hope we get more lore about this amazing universe.

When i come back from vacation i'm going to buy Behemoth right away, that new beast looks awesome. But it will be a complete new challenge to master that monster.

GoldenXan do you play on PS4 or for that matter anyone here does?

I'm looking for adding people that play Evolve on the PS4 friends list and have some games together...but so that you know i'm a huge NOOB.


Any chance you can update with general map information? When I play monster I inevitably find myself headed toward an area of the map with sparse wildlife to feed on. I'm slowly learning where the better hunting grounds are, though, but some general maps would go a long way towards improving my monster play.

Maybe a map with elite wildlife spots as well. I never seem to remember some of the smaller buffs like the birds ignore one. I'd like to be able to beeline for that at state 1 for some matchups, particularly against Abe.

Anyhow, I'm impressed with all the work you've already put into the guide thus far.


Oh wow I soo support that notion. Better navigation around maps is also somewhat of my problem. I am studying atm the locations of Mammoth Birds on each map stuck_out_tongue


This wasn't very helpful bet informative


I'm sure that there's a lot of lore behind the curtains. I don't quite know why they are holding it back though, maybe because there'll be a better way to tell the tales eventually? I know not. I focus on the gameplay. Though I too want to know about the world of Evolve.

I play on PC actually. But thanks anyway!

Bob, sorry for taking so long.
Yes! In fact this is one of the things I decided to leave out of the alpha and beta because I wanted to know better before writing about. I intended to create map-specific strategies, which would include food patterns and the like. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to play as much as I wanted, not enough to get to know the game to this extent anyway. I could gradually gather information each time I play if I were to focus on that... But most of the time I just want to have fun blush

Slowly, we all get to understand the system a little better and we manage to take better profit from it. People will learn the map's best courses by themselves. If I ever get the chance though, I'll help them squeeze the hell out of it.

And thanks for your kind words. smile

Then it helped at something! wink