Monster Grind Guide-Behemoth and others


I know we did this for the t1-3 hunters but i think we should make it for the monster as well.

Mainly i am making this because i am wondering if there is any way to grind out his three star mid-air tongue grabs fast. I have been playing defend and it i slow as shit.

Any suggestions?

Also feel free to say where it is best to grind the other monsters although i believe defend would be the easiest!


Well personally, every time I roll towards the hunters, they jetpack out of the way. Instead of canceling the roll just hit tongue grab immediately and aim!


I’ve been playing more sneaky so I’m usually on top of cliffs and stuff. doesn’t help though. plus if i look over the edge i get murked.


Or use Rock Wall or Fissure to set up Tongue Grabs. MaddCow said it doesn’t work like usual mid-air grinding, standing on top of buildings or perches and getting them when they jetpack up. Haven’t tried it yet, but he said the tongue just goes into the thing underneath you instead of grabbing the Hunter most of the time.


Defend, King’s Fort Favors Monster (Or Balanced depending if you are going for damage or ‘hits’) 15 second resapwn, infinite strikes is the best way to solo farm for Monster Elites with the minor exception of using Salv (Acid Biome) defend map for Goliath and Kraken Vortex/Flame breath (Respectively) for jetpackers.


What is your advice for behemoths tongue grab for elite tho?


I know this can form bad habits BUT those of you who feel comfortable with Behemoth already and just want the mastery/elite:

Go cheese style, use CDR perk, get your armor up and roll into the hunters on a suicide mission. When you get up on the hunters they will try to jetpack. You should get 4-5 grabs at least per round and the rounds should only last -5 mins. The faster you die the faster you can reset for another round. You can try to mitigate some of the damage but honestly the point is to get it done as quickly as possible.

Let me know your thoughts on this. This isn’t a solid, “This is the best way to do it”.


Sit on that cliff above the first Generator on New Calico aim it and before they get up it aim and wait. If you time it right you’ll hit them just as they come into the reticule. If you don’t die and get the gen go sit on the building across from the second. Then use fissure to knock u. I usually get around 17 or so each game if I do well


Use combos. Fissure + Tongue over and over. It’s by far the easiest and most reliable way to get it.


Can’t remember what map it is, but on one of the defend maps there is a small tunnel leading up to the first generator. Usually I would lead them into that cave and farmed the lava bomb, fissure, and tongue grab on them. After every fissure, grab one of them midair with the tongue grab. Hope this helps!


I think you are talking about the New Calico (The Water one with the bridge at the start?)


Just checked, I believe it’s King’s Fort.


The Snow one? There is a cave in the second generator part… Oh I know what you’re talking about, that little tunnel underneath. Gotcha.


3 star

lava bomb
do the map with the caged goliath. Get to stage three so the bots stage near the generator. Once you approach one of the opening ready your attack cause they’ll just flood to that door.

Rock wall
pretty easy you can do it anywhere.

same thing as lava bomb

Tongue grab
1 Fissure, 2 or 3 in tongue grab and you can do what ever with the other points. I suggest putting val as the medic and pick whoever else you can kill easily. So, when the match starts just do what you do but, 2 strike everyone but val. so just Fissure her then tongue grab.