Monster genders (kind of) figured out


Ok so here’s what I think. I think that the Goliath is a female. Here’s why I think that. Well obviously, we know that we cant see any of the monsters’ repoductive system, right? Well we also know that the Kraken is somewhat aquatic, therefore it has no visible reproductive traits, making it male, female, or both. And the Wraith, although have human female traits, its gender is still unclear. But Goliath is most likley a mammal, or something like that, making us able to tell its gender, and since it has no visible male reproductive traits, that makes it most likley female. Let me know what you guys think


Does she have a visible vagina?


The Devs already made clear what gender the monsters are.

Goliath: Male
Kraken: Male
Wraith: Female
Behemoth: Male


I find it interesting that were classifying unknown alien species with Earth based Genders; The only reason they have human like anatomy was to make the player feel like they had a connection to the monster. Plus its unlikely Goliath, Kraken, Wraith and Behemoth are making the eggs in nest mode.


I don’t think they’re sexually dimorphic,we just judge them based on characteristics and what the devs say.


That would be sex. We are talking about gender. Gender is what you identify as. I know, it’s confusing.


Does she have a visible vagina?


Most humans don’t have visible vaginas until they take off their clothing. How do we know that Goliath isn’t wearing tights that match her skin?


Just looked at some pictures online… Not very clear. Too dark to tell


I though that the devs never gave out the genders, making the monsters even MORE mysterious


Yea exactly. In nature, sometimes it is not clear if it is male or female. But what we do know, is that, most of the time, females are bigger, more dull, and more violent.


I guess that means Behemoth is female too


Remember,whatever these thing are,they’re not what I would call natural,so the females are larger quota may not apply to them. Also,from what the devs have stated,Wraith is so far the only female monster,so I wouldn’t hold my breath on Behemoth being female.


Yea, I guess so


Who knows, maybe Behemoth gets two giant rock tits :grin:


I’d go with the genders that @DecibelZoniXz already stated. The fifth Monster is rumoured to be the one who makes the eggs, so none of the revealed Monsters can reproduce if that’s true.


Well I’ve been downed before with goliath over me and I can say there’s nothing there.


I doubt any of the monsters even have reproductive organs, since they seem to be spawned from eggs coming from a single source.


And no lessons were learned that day…


I doubt that the queen monster will EVER be playable. Not the monster that lays the Nest mode eggs anyways. She may show up in a new game mode, maybe one where the monster defends the queen from the hunters and colonial militia?