Monster Gender/Sex


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I’m just going to ask.
Do Monsters have genders/sexes?

I just want to have this thread for definitive proof that I can link anyone to.

  • Monsters have genders/sexes.
  • Monsters do not have genders/sexes.

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It is said that they don’t, but because of body shape, size, features, and Hunter dialogue they are given their genders as well as names.


But Matthew cleared that a long time ago, didn’t he? 0_0

Edit: Oh ok, proof, so here it is! xD


What Sentry said.

They don’t have reproductive organs, they can’t reproduce, and whatnot. They are only called male/female and he/she because of how their bodies look and how we perceive them to be.


Exactly. I tend to look at them as Kraken is male, Wraith is female, Behemoth is male and likes jelly, Gorgon is female and Goliath is cat.


and meteor goliath is other :wink:


Precisely, however there are those who bother trying to argue this point with me so I just want a neat little link I can provide to hammer in the point.


Well, you have it now! :stuck_out_tongue:


There was a big argument long ago. The answer is no, but the community decided to give them genders, and the devs disliked it.


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Really or do you mean the argument that happens?

Well on topic.
I say he or she because reasons above but also because it feels better than saying “it” or “thing”


Isn’t some of Kaira’s in-game dialog talking about how they don’t even know where the eggs come from and she speculates that they might travel through Cherenkov space from somewhere else?


Goliath: male
Kraken: old male
Wraith: female
Behemoth: fat male
Gorgon: ghetto female

And adaptations are mix


XD What…


This is a half empty glass question.

The monsters do have genders BECAUSE the hunters assigned genders, but
The monsters don’t have genders BECAUSE they don’t have reproduction organs…

Everyone is right???


She’s nasty



She is beauty. She is grace. She will spit acid in your face.

Anyways, if our dear Matt has confirmed himself that the monsters don’t have genders then… that’s that. No need to poke a dead Behemoth. xp


I don’t see how a poll based on the opinions of the players would really prove that the monsters do/don’t have genders.


Yep, you guys are free to discuss this topic, but don’t forget that the question is pretty much answered. :stuck_out_tongue:


TL/DR Matt and other devs have said monsters are genderless and cannot have babies.
Calling them a her or a him isn’t wrong either because gender when talking about a subject is a part of the English language (a gender bias language), so any aesthetic or ability related to these monsters seen by colonist.

So you’re neither wrong or right for referring to a monster as a him or a her, because that’s what non-gender neutral languages do. They make you associate things with taught masculine or feminine traits.

I just use terms of the gender the devs originally intended for the monsters as they were making them, especially the Wraith since they have talked in interviews about how they wanted a feminine humanoid monster.

But I think its safe to asume that Lady Gaga is the mother monster. :stuck_out_tongue:

ftfy mate.