Monster Gender? He? She? It? YOU DECIDE!

Charming… :open_mouth:


. #1 screenshot NA

wtf mate…

use NSFW tags ffs

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Sry to say this but thi thread is all ready dun

But the way wats your job?

To kill the monster or to do monster p0rn

obviously monster p0rn. good money in that industry. Japan proved that.

Seriously man. I had to yell at my sister to get out before she found out wat the pic was

srsly man…its a 3D animated picture of a non-existant monster with no genitals. I think your sister will be just fine…

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GAWD wat if this became fan art…


Dude she would probly lose her virginity, Twice.

Get the refrence :smirk:

Stay classy America

For all we know they could be an all male or female species or maybe hermaphrodites lol

That’s not how gender works, you don’t get to apply your own label - it’s up to the Monster to identify their gender orientation.

Goliath is definitely male. I think that’s irrefutable at this point. Wraith, I would have to call female, for obvious reasons.

And of course, Old Man Kraken is a male. You see, back in his day…

EDIT: Oh Lord. Those images… :open_mouth:


Pretty sure they don’t have any “genders” since they don’t breed by traditional means.

This gif describes exactly how I feel about this thread and the images included :joy:

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Rule 34 people. Rule 34.

That’s true mediumvillain