Monster Gameplay



I have bought Evolve earlier and played it quite a long time. So I can judge the changes overall in my opinion.

There are for sure players really good in playing as a monster, but I had several problems because of the possibility for trappers to use the planetary scan, but in my opinion it’s a bit overpowered because every member of the team can make a dome and the trapper can do this scan like every minute. Don’t get me wrong. I like the idea of the scan and that every trapper could make a dome because sometimes your team is split up, but the maps are far not big enough for the monster to escape if the hunters can dome kinda 24/7 and the trapper can kinda use the scan 24/7. I liked it to hide when I played as a monster back when you had to pay for Evolve. Now you don’t even need to sneak around anymore because you get found in seconds anyways and four jumps or flying moves aren’t always enough to escape the hunters.

So I don’t want to play as monster anymore under this circumstances and this shouldn’t be the fact in this game since there is just one monster in each game, but I have seen many people who don’t want to play as monster when they got picked as monster.

Another suggestion would be another game mode like with 2 monsters and 10 trappers or better less hunters to make it more fair. This would give another aspect in this game and two monsters who can play tactically together would be interesting, too in my opinion.

A explanation of how to perks stack and work together would also be great. It seems like nobody really knows how the perk system really works and what perk stack with another one and so on. Maybe there could be like an information when you can choose the perks and like an information when you hover your mouse about a perk.

Finally more information about certain hunters like in Evolve Stage 1 would be great because I have heard of many people now that they can’t try out the different hunters before they have to buy them. Trying them out would be great because you don’t buy a food in a supermarket or any other technical stuff before trying it out. Information is key and would help many people to decide where to spend their precious silver keys I guess.

Thank you for your attention! Overall the game is better than before.

Yours sincerely,


Maps have been greatly improved from what they once were and the game now is meant to be much faster paced. Sneaking is supposed to be limited to small intervals and pivotal jukes in a match, not constant sneaking. The Dome is used once every 80 or so seconds and can be up anywhere between a few seconds and five minutes while the scanner can only be used every 60 or so seconds for 5 seconds.

The Devs have been keeping a keen eye on the game and it’s balance so you can expect to see improvements in the future.

This sort of gamemode has been suggested a million times; while it is a tad interesting it goes against Evolve’s 4v1 theme and it would be nigh impossible to balance; not to mention all the technical issues the team would face even attempting to get it to work.

In-depth perk explanation is something the Devs have in mind and are working to accomplish.

This is also another desire of TRS. To keep players informed on their purchases and give them the best possible experience.

######Though personally I find your example of food and a supermarket quite odd since one does in-fact purchase food without “trying it out”. You can’t necessarily chow down in the middle of the store. :stuck_out_tongue: