Monster Game mode ? Dual monsters

we have already seen monsters able to have a companion lvl 1 following around.
(if you make a custom game)

But whouldnt it be more fun both for hunters and monsters to be able to play with or against 2 monsters ?
and i dont talk about the braindead minion that follows.
But to actually let there be 2 playable monsters…

play against 2 hulk smashing goliaths… or why not goliath + kraken = ground + air.
or perhaps dual wratih assassins. etc etc.

If you made the map mode into “hunter favor”, so the hunters have more dmg and slightly more hp.

The balance should already be done ??
monsters have to compete for food, or share, or not eat… etc.

Since having 2 monsters opens up alot more fun strategies for the monsters, besides just trying to avoid and eat.

1* You can have one monster lay in ambush, waiting. while the other one lure the hunters to come…

2* You can have one monster interupt the hunters and possible sacrifice himself, to let his
monster buddy level up to 3 as fast as possible and then wreck revenge…

3* If you play hunter, you are able to face off 2 monsters at lvl 1. trying for a quick kill.

4* One monster can lure the hunters around, while the other one is trying to evolve asap.

5* you are able to face many combinations of monsters.

these was just a few examples of what whould be possible.
And i think it opens up the game abit more, since the game is about multiplayer.

But for the moment, the only multiplayer side is the hunters side. where you can talk to friends and play tactics.

And it can not be that hard to implement either.
Simply call it “Dual Monster” or something.
and have the map properties be in favor of the hunter to give extra dmg and hp.
aswell as lots of such options already if you check under custom map mode, just let the game mode randomize around them…
Like: more birds, Cargo ships spot monsters, etc etc…

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Sounds like fun, but maybe instead of having the map mode into hunter favor - the monsters could be “small” ones

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yes, you can balance the duo monster in several ways.

I thought you meant monster 1v1 - that might be fun (on smaller maps?)

I would love a monster vs monster mode. Though I don’t see how kraken could lose unless they prevented him from flying or made the flight ceiling very low.

I’ll play, but seeing 2 cowardly wraiths? My worst nightmare could come alive. Otherwise, I think it would be a great idea! Especially having a squad, it could be more fun.

what turtle rock can do… is make a public test of it. and see what people like. like LOL does with its special game modes from time to time.

it shouldnt be that hard to implement.

you make a new button + map mode: Dual monster hunt - double the danger, double the fun…
fix the games map code to allow 2 monsters + 4 hunters. simply 1 extra monster player is taken in…

Also fix the monster dmg code for that map mode. nerf monster dmg say: 20- 25 % dmg on all skills.
its facing off against 2 monsters afterall so it will still add up.

Yeah, I think it could be a hit then. It will also be more fair for the hunters if monster’s can’t choose their starting perk.

Health and armor have to be taken into consideration. Especially 2 goliaths, that may take a little more time to bring down. Not only that but I’m throwing this out, but what about if both monster’s flee to get armor? 2 people per monster may turn the tables to the others who don’t have the medic. I think in this situation all hunters should ALWAYS stay together. Bringing one down can go a long way.

I would love this, kind of like an upper level Hunt. Call it Exterminate or something.

I also thought a neat Monster vs. Monster mode would be cool, like a fight over territory, food, or colonists in a map. Double the amount of wildlife, King of the Hill-like capturing points where I don’t know, the monster throws up some of that black ichor sludge they leave behind after evolving and they either kill each other or gain enough ground for a certain mount of time.

So much nope here. any two monsters could instagib one hunter at a time, trivializing the entire game mode. I could possibly see it with 2 minions… But I hope TRS has plans on adding minions that look like kraken/wraith/behemoth… Otherwise the gameplay would get stale just playing 2 mini goliaths that are easily focused by the hunters.

this would be awesome . another combo could be wraith and Behemoth

Wraith could use abduction on a hunter to pull em away from the team and behemoth could use rock wall so the hunters cant save them and then get tons of damage on them or even a kill

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It would be super cool, unfortunately we’ll probably never get to see it happen. Feel free to stop by this topic and introduce yourself, @Mega_Lucario720!