Monster FOV

So I was thinking, what if instead of a FOV setting for Monsters the mouse wheel could be used to zoom in or out depending on the needs of the situation. I thought of this for a simple reason.

I really love the 120 FOV as Monster. I get to see everything… except when I fight Slim, then I see nothing. So if this is an option it would help greatly as I could enjoy the look of a 120 FOV but if I get into combat with the Hunters and they have Slim I can zoom into the default 90 FOV and I can see the Hunters a lot better.

I just think that it would be a nice addition to have instead of the Monster FOV slidebar.

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Maybe make it a bindable control. Oh I love bindable keys. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I get especially finicky about things like DPI. I could play with that setting all day, and never be completely satisfied. Different DPIs for different games, different macros and profiles for different games. Good to have so many settings to play with. :relieved:

Why would you not have the same sensitivity for all games?
Why would you destroy your muscle memory on purpose?


I have different muscle memory for different games. Twitch shooters are different from mobas. There’s also some difference between shooters. I don’t know WHY I do it, it’s just something I do.

You can’t “load up” a different muscle memory for each game you play.
Every time you switch up the effort (sensitivity) you need to put in to do a task (moving the cursor on the screen) you have to completely rebuild your muscle memory. You can still move the mouse without too much problem, but you’ll never be as efficient as someone who only use a single mouse sensitivity.

Hm. I see. I’ll try and cut out that extra nonsense then, see how much better I get.

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