Monster FOV Control


This is an idea I’ve had since Slim launched and have literally always forgotten to post it.

Here’s the idea, FOV settings are, obviously, in settings but for Monster I feel it would be incredibly beneficial to have FOV update on the fly. For example, on PC you could use the scroll wheel in and out to zoom the FOV to make fights against Hunters easier. This on the fly approach would make spores easier to deal with while simultaneously allowing the Monster to find a comfortable FOV at all times against all comps.

Monsters could zoom all the way in to hunt a cloaked Lazarus or find Hunters in spores or Monsters could zoom all the way out against defensive comps to keep an eye on the entire battlefield.

Not sure how feasible this is but I feel it would be a very welcome change.


Sounds gr8 to me. I’ve never touched my FOV settings, but this could be beneficial


There comes a huge exploitable problem with this. People who don’t choose these settings are at a huge disadvantage.


Dear god, this is glorious. Why isn’t this a thing?

If it is an option to choose this, they have the opportunity to take advantage. So, any disadvantage is the one they bring on themselves.


I guess so, but some may not like the way it works.


Well, they could just not use it…It’s not mandatory. Just an option for those that do.


And if they don’t they are put at a disadvantage. See the problem?


Honestly, no.

That really doesn’t make sense. If someone chooses not to do something, it isn’t a disadvantage, when they have every opportunity to do so. It’s them deciding they don’t like it and simply not using it.



Bob, Jim and Dex are all about to fight to the death for Satan’s hand in marriage.

I give them all the option of picking up a loaded shotgun.

Bob chooses not to take the loaded shotgun, then whines that it’s unfair and he’s at a disadvantage.

See how the only problem is Bob’s stupidity? :stuck_out_tongue:

And honestly, this isn’t much of an advantage…


Even though you’re agreeing with me, this is a strange analogy.


You’re just jealous because you don’t get the honor of fighting to woo Satan.


Don’t need Satan. I have Cthulhu :heart:


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