Monster Feeding Strats- Dine and Dash vs Sneaky Cheeky


Your preferred feeding strategy. Going loud and feeding on the run or being slow, methodical and sneaky.


I like to go fast. :smile:

Everything else is boring!


Slow and sneaky all day, when I eat and run I make to much of a fuss and they find me faster. I would rather stage up to 2 without leaving a trace.


Sneaking is too slow, I run that shiz


Eat ALL of them, NAW!


I’m impatient. Run, evolve, armor up, and…it’s on.


I prefer trying to sneak at the start, but lately RNG has been following me around with a big “FEED HERE” sign for Carrion birds. My opener feels useless when I get birds on my first or second meal.


I mix and mash the two together very frequently. Loudly one way juke quietly the other and vica versa. I prefer safe fights at locations I choose and safe evolves without risk of being punished.

Some teams are just too strong though. They force me to reach higher stages in order to beat them and I kind of love that about playing monster.


Dine and Dash, but I enjoy fine dining every once in a while. But that’s not possible when Sunny makes up 80% of the supports chosen. XD


I prefer to sneak. RNG birds make it impossible at times though. I had a game in Aviary yesterday where my first feed attracted birds. I run through a tunnel and up near some caves, more birds attracted. I run 4 tunnels over and exit back into the main area, run down a ways, I’m at least 150m away from my last feed… birds again.

Games like these just make it seem pointless to do anything but run and leap everywhere. There should be some RNG boost for the monster when any trapper besides Maggie is picked. People who pick the other trappers are supposed to rely more on their own tracking skills than Maggie. So give them less birds.


I like to switch it up. But it also depends on the map.
For example, Refeling tower forces me to Die and Dash or the carrion birds ruin my sneak.
But on Distillery, I enjoy my buffet in the caves.
Yum yum.


I find that both are necessary. Sneaking in the beginning is absolutely the most ideal way to go because the hunters have no clue where you are. Do it right and it’s a free stage 2. Why should you start their hunt off on the right foot with tracks? You shouldn’t.

Running is essential when they’ve found you up till the point where you have the opportunity to sneak and juke them. If you feel like you’re ahead then running and eating is more efficient. If it’s even, then you need to sneak a bit more to get more armor or a bette opportunity.

Except for armory and barracks. Screw those maps. You can ONLY run.


I prefer to sneak until I’m discovered. Once I’m discovered I try to eat on the run. If they have Maggie then I eat on the run from the start.


I never sneak run straight to the food from the beginning, tracks and birds be damned. I want them to know where I am. I like showing them that I’m the beast around here and that they are “hunters” in name alone.


If they Maggie I hurl ass and eat as fast as I can to get that stage 3 leverage against em





Sneaky till stage 2 with armor


Front the start, I’ll generally lead two sets of decently long tracks then doue back close to the drop off point looking for the nearest cave or tunnel then farm goods there until I’m fully armored or am able to evolve. From there I’ll do my bet to stick near the hunters to keep them in my smell range until either they’re engaged with a major animal or I’m fully armored stage two. Only against well coordinated teams will I adopt a more “large gap, feeding frenzy” strat.


Yeah say that against crow sunny combo you will be found if you sneak right away i can promise you that.


run and rush eat to stage 2 then win the game