Monster Fantasy Lore


So all three monsters (soon to be more) all live together it seems as they don’t hurt one another (proven when playing with little goliath minions) so i was just thinking of some lore we could put together on the three.

  1. goliath while manly in stature are the egg producers, they spawn eggs everywhere to spread the goliath species while their are far fewer Krakens and Wraiths. Not saying the Goliaths create the Kraken and Wraith eggs, they are just the more populated breed.

  2. Krakens are the leaders, the planners, and the strategists. they fly around shear scoping out humanity and wildlife and direct the goliaths where to breed and the wraiths where to assassinate.

  3. Wraiths are the monsters deadly assassins that go to the human strong points and keep humanity away from the weaker stage 1 monsters that are developing elsewhere on shear.


In game dialogue mentions that egg layers are different from the monster trio.


I would love to see something of this sort find light in the writers log


and i said that krakens and wraiths still produce their own eggs just not as many and quickly as goliaths.


No no I mean that an entirely different monster lays all the eggs. Maybe something like a queen.


I’ve seen this in game talk of which you speak


But I would still like to see something like this created