Monster fans


Who else here is more interested in being the “King of the Hill” than teamwork?


Probably most people playing this game nobody dose team work in games


They are going to have to or have a very bad time. There are plenty of videos out of people playing sloppy and getting the smack down. That is what I am intrigued most about this game, you are pretty much forced to utilize teamwork


Actualy I’m crazy excited for a game that will finally implement good teamwork and needed team work I’m tired of those games were you just run out and try and do better then the rest of your team


Not true, I’m looking forward to using a lot of teamwork in this game. It seems to be the major aspect here and it certainly is the most unique type of team work I have seen in videogames lately!

That being said, I do like to be alone when playing games so I’d like to be the Monster BUT at the exact same time I don’t like the thought of four other people going after me! It’s ironic I would be scared of the Hunters when really, they ought to be scared of the Monster itself!

It’s why I mostly steer clear of game modes like “Free for All” or “Juggernaut” in some games! So I do like to have some people to work with now and again. :slight_smile:

This thread can basically be about “Teamwork Vs Individual”, I like discussing a lot about that! :smiley:


If you don’t have a mic no team wo


I am just looking to have fun with my friends and future friends. That said, winning is nice but we would also do things to kill each other like blowing up the gas station when someone was near it. So I cant help but hope that I can grenade a friend into the man eating plant or water monster.


Thats not true either. Simply staying together and paying attention can be a huge benefit. You don’t seem to have very high hopes for the title…


The monster doesn’t do teamwork though?!?!?!?


That’s partly why there’s the voice-over system in place. Characters call out things to keep the team updated on what’s happening with them and around them.

@Apex that is true, the hunters are the co-op oriented side.


Who me bro


Yes, it seems like you are anticipating the game not encouraging teamwork or having people with mics…


I personally think that the game will be alot more fun with mic’s, especially if you build a good little group of regular player’s.


That’s what I’m planning on doing. I think if I can’t play with anyone from the forums then I’ll just play as the Monster for a while


Yeah I will have to round up the x box player’s before launch, I know @SlinkyGuy will be good for it as im sureehe is a x box man.


Ah I would love to play this game with or against you, my good man! I’ll be sure to add you when I get the chance soon! :smiley:


We definitely need to get a big thread together once the ball is rolling. It would be nice to have a list of available players with mics separated by platform they play on


I have the xbone and I love the game but have to ask questions not just be a ban Wagoner…plus I have a mic


We sort of have them already. They’d just need to be updated with who has mics and who doesn’t


We will get you on board the team too then @treydamico81 going by your username I guessing we are in the same ball park age group! Over 30s, lol