Monster Fan Art (Pictures Added)


hunt together. kill alone. choose your side. :monster:

Hey everyone! I got pretty bored last night and was just playing around with some apps on my phone and ended up making these edits of the monsters, and I just thought I’d share them with the community. Let me know what you guys think and if I should make more! :smile:

PS Evolve Stage 2 looks absolutely incredible! I play on console so I haven’t gotten the chance to actually play it yet, but I’ve seen and heard great things on the forums, twitch, and YouTube. Keep up the good work TRS! :+1:


Where’s the art?


This is weird. When I was making the post it said my pictures has uploaded 100% but they’re not here. And when I try to edit them in they’re not loading :frowning2:


Ah I fixed it, the pictures are out of order but they’re here at least


Servers seem to be a bit slow, your pics look awesome!


Thank you! :laughing:


Amazing! Love the Gorgon one :smiley:


The Wraith one is beaut. :heart_eyes:


These are fantastic!!

Thank you so much for sharing!! :smile:


These are so cool!!


Sick :smiley: great job man


Amazing! :monster: