Monster Falling though Map = free loss


Pretty sure this is already well documented, but it still makes me mad that I take a loss that I am 99% sure I would have won bar some miracle play.


Happens occasionally.


Wow, I’ve never seen that. That’s awful. :frowning:


Bug?! No way, this is a feature.


When I play the monster I usually end up with the game freezing and disconnects about every 3 games. I have only heard of this falling through the map bug until it happened to me today.


If it happens to hunters its only fair it happens to monsters


I can understand that logic, but even then it isn’t. If the monster dies the game ends, if the hunter fallsthrough and dies (usually happens off a drop ship drop) they will respawn in 2 minutes.

Yes, it is annoying for both parties. No, it is not even or even remotely a currency of establishing fairness.


Happens pretty often to people online.


If 1 hunter dies via falling through map then the monster can easily wipe the team and win.


And the hunters could also win by killing the monster. If the monster drops, it doesn’t get the option for a second chance and the hunters have to do exactly nothing to win.