Monster failed to destroy relay... again in middle of battle! Rework it plz!

I failed again… Failed to destroy relay! Even there was hunters I was fighting with, but dome was off and I failed! Rework endmatch plz! Like when end is near, you get red warning sign, timer starts to worn, but stops if there is hunters near,or you are near relay and stops if some coward medic try to run and hide last to stall timer!

the sudden death timer stops whenever you attack the relay,the hunters shoot you or you attack the hunters.


It’s fine the way it is now, you just got outplayed.

Timer only stops after the hunters or monster engage with one another.

If hunters flea, then destroy the relay. If they are in range and activate the shield then it’s best you engage them.

If you are too low on health, they are in range of relay and you can’t destroy it, just accept the loss.

You merely got outplayed


I didnt said nerf this nerf that, it was long 60k damage fight, I was fighting with hunters, then I was circling in very close area around relay, lookin for emet, hunters lost sight of me, stopped shooting and timer worned off. I was practically maybe 15 m from relay then. In soccer judge will give you extra time for last action if he thinks it can succeed!

Too much salt will harden your arteries and give you a heart attack.


I like the idea that the timer stops if you are within range of the relay, a short range, and that the timer starts immediately if you leave that area and aren’t in combat (somehow). No reason to punish monsters that are engaged in an actual fight near the relay just because of changes to the combat status timings


Monsters cant have it both ways. They cant have the option for the easy win (and very irritating for hunters) by destroying the relay without the balance of a salty loss because the timer ran out.


Yes they can, in this particular scenario they can

Apparently not as he’s here complaining about it.

I think when Nia said “yes they can”, he meant “maybe they should”, as in supporting the idea of a modification to the rules.


Fine, then the amount of time it takes a monster to destroy the relay should be doubled.

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Why doubled?

You are right, triple it!

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Guess what.
10 more feet was just added 4x it


But then hunters can never win from the timer, on top of barely being able to in the first place.

Like I said, monster/OP merely got out-played.

Because if monsters can now cheese a win by having the timer extended when they are within range, then hunters need a chance to stop him.

It’s completely unfair to give the monster an edge so he can squeeze out a win all because the director thinks “hay, this monster is extremely close to losing.” Why not add a ‘press X to end round’ when the monster is on 1 bar of health and can’t possibly have a comeback?

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I think our definitions of cheese may be different my friend.

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Hunters shouldn’t be trying to win from the timer, the timer running out is the monster losing, not the hunters winning. If the monster is trying to continue to engage then it isn’t doing the thing which the timer is there for, which is avoiding the fight.

Don’t penalise monsters that are trying to fight with the time that they have left. If they leave again the timer will run out, but don’t let the timer run out while they are in the middle of trying to play the game with the hunters.

Hunters that can’t either drive the monster off or finish it off don’t deserve the win for just managing to break combat for a few seconds either


Basically this.

And 99% of the time i see monster complaining about timer- Im AGAINST them. But if youre ACTIVELY trying to fight, and the guys roaching away from you preventing it- Yeauh no.

Be it hunter or monster- if one side is TRYING to fight, and CAN, thats how the game should end.


Monsters shouldn’t be trying to win from the relay then.

The fact of the matter is that it does get in the way, and fair should be fair.

If hunters are trying to regroup to take on the monster, then they should not be punished by the monster beating on relay.

If the relay is there to punish hunters for not engaging the monster on relay, then the timer should punish monster for not engaging the hunters.

Fair should be fair.

Did I miss the update that lets the timer run down even if monsters are attacking the hunters?

I have many hours worth of games, and I have yet to win one off of solely being the last Hunter alive and out-roaching the monster and winning off of timer.

Even a roacher like me, who picks full JH, gets hit by an ability every once in awhile, thus the timer stops.

Like I said, you merely got outplayed, accept the loss.

There are plenty of times I’m the last Hunter alive, and end up too far to get back to the relay. I simply say ‘gg’ because I was outplayed.

Otherwise let’s add an event that make the relay impossible to destroy if the Hunter starts walking towards it, this way it shows that the hunters have the slightest chance of a comeback.

I’m not sure how much Hunter you guys play, but this is thee most monster favored idea that I’ve seen on this forum. You are essentially taking away a way the hunters can win, and making it a comeback mechanic for the monster.

I’m sure as hell that the game the monster just barely lost on was a flawless game, ruined by the end. I’m sure as hell mistakes were made. Own up to those mistakes, walk away learning something to improve on from the match, and realized that you got outplayed.

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