Monster expansion pass (please help)


Where do i find my monster expansion pass i preordered the game through Amazon and didnt get it. Will i get it when the expansion itself comes out? Or will i get it mailed to me in a different package. PLEASEH HELP


Physical? Or Digital?


Physical does this mean i dont get it?


If you’re asking about the new monster behemoth, we won’t get him until he’s released

If you’re lacking the savage Goliath skin, you should have got it with the base game. So I’d probably talk to amazons customer support and try and get it sorted out


Im not to worried about the skin ATM but should i have got a code?


If you didn’t get a code in your conformation email, do these two things:

First, contact Amazon customer support and let them know it was missing from your purchase.

If they don’t come through with a code, contact 2K’s support site here:

they should help you out!


…I think so? I know Behemoth isn’t releasing for a while- month or two, I believe- but I think you should have a code. Try what Takran says, and perhaps ask a dev (here, of course) whether you should have a code or if it’s automatically distributed. Good luck.