Monster expansion pack unlocking behemoth


i pre ordered this game and i got the Monster Expansion Pack. i did get the savage goliath skin but by the time the dlc has been downloaded. it says in order to get behemoth i have to buy it. please help…


Try downloading behemoth and see if it tries charging you a fee. If not no worries. If it wants cash, cancel it and report back to us.


Do you mean you have Evolve PC Monster Race?

Cause from what I have heard, you’re only supposed to get the fifth monster with that <.<


thanks for your help. i download it without charging any fees.


really? for pc only?


You have to preorder to get Behemoth.
Edit: Wait, you downloaded it?
Where did my information go wrong? :worried:


yup i preordered it


Then never mind, I am correct! :slight_smile:


What system are you on?


Glad it was solved, enjoy the monster. ^.^


No worries. I’m glad it worked out for you.