Monster expansion pack needs patch?

So i redeemed my code for monster expansion pack and it tried to install the update that comes with the game ( I play against bots i never want to go online and i prefer wraith etc how she was) And basically it has done nothing no skin so do i have to patch to get the skin and behemoth when he comes out?

Id guess so.

That’s annoying

Shouldn’t be too large, do not worry. Besides, if you really feel you want to know, enable steam beta on options, it has a DLC tab where it tells you what dlc is available for the game, and the ones you have installed.

I have ps4 but just need to find out if dlc will work with the game without the day one patch.

I did not get day 1 patch, and i am fine, do not worry :wink:

You need to day one patch AND the next monster will be an update to the latest patch.

Ah right guess i’ll have to leave it

yea u have to downlaod patches and updates for anything online

I’d be using it offline but just thought maybe could download dlc without patches