Monster Expansion Pack Issues for Xbox one


I preordered Evolve and put in the code for the Monster Expansion Pack, which I put in. I got the Goliath Savage Skin. After the update that added Behemeoth I did not get Behemoth and my Goliath Savage south disappeared. How do I fix this?


What console?


Xbox one console


Not too sure about the XBone. That being said, I know that sometimes logging out and then back into your My2K account can resolve it. Give that a go.


I made a 2k account after the problem happened


Hmmm… try unlinking it and logging in. Does that make a difference?


Did not work


I’m not too familiar with XBone architecture. Is there a way to see what DLC you have for a game? Is it possible to disable/renable something like that?


Not to my knowledge


Hmmm… I’m not much more useful at this point then. Sorry. Some of the more XBone using players might be able to help.


Okay Thanks anyway


Try this

See if the Savage Goliath skin is in the ‘Ready to Install’ list too.


@BoilingPie - Jedi_Warrior’s post is what sorted this for me. if you purchase them again it will come up with a message along the lines of “you have already purchased this item” then you will have the option to download it again


@BoilingPie Let us know if it works or not please. :smile: